This week’s post is my first hand experience of the power of clothes.  How clothes have such an impact on our emotions and way we feel.power of clothes to influence our mood

Two weeks ago I was bitten.  I didn’t take much notice and it seemed to be healing, albeit slowly.  Well that was until 6 days after the bite when I found myself in A&E being treated for Sepsis.   My health had deteriorated at an alarming rate over the course of a couple of hours.

I’m well on the way to recovery as I write this having been prescribed three different courses of antibiotics (my poor stomach) one administered intravenously and two orally.  Why am I sharing this?

Well a few reasons really.


1. Thank You To The NHS

I was so bowled over by the treatment and care I received at the hands of the NHS. I’ve acknowledged this on social media and want to use this platform to shout out again.

We put our collective heads in our hands about the health service a lot of the time. But we really do have an incredible service that we should recognise and help to fix.   Let’s not let it crumble or disintegrate.

There are amazing and wonderful people who work within challenging circumstances. Everyone I came into contact with had a smile and wanted to do the best possible job.

2. The Power Of Clothes

  1. What could I wear that was practical for the doctor to examine me and didn’t necessitate me getting undressed? Also I wanted something comfortable that could accommodate my swollen leg.
  2. I spent three days as an outpatient in Ambulatory Care with a cannula in my arm and a drip. I wanted to feel good. This wasn’t about being vain.  It was a brilliant illustration of the power of clothes.
  3. I’d been coveting a pair of leopard print jogging pants but had been practising my own money saving tips! I’d put them in an online basket and abandoned them.  Well money saving went out the window.  I ordered them immediately!
  4. Leopard print jogging pants and silver baseball boots did it for me. Walking the walk (well hobbling) I felt the true power of clothes to impact our mood.  How clothes can impact the way we feel about ourselves.  Even the sordid Jeremy Kyle Show on the hospital TV didn’t bring my mood down.
  5. Don’t save it for best. You’ve heard me talk about what a waste that is!  Well having been rushed to A&E by a husband who was scared witless that I might die… adds a certain degree of poignancy to life.  I’d been planning to wear those jogging pants occasionally. Again if the power of clothes was so strong to make me feel better what was I thinking?  Bottom line I’ve worn them almost every day since I bought them!


3. Don’t Take Life Or Each Other For Granted

My gorgeous husband went through hell.  He’d heard me saying that I thought going to A&E on a Sunday afternoon was a good idea.  Unheard of in 37 years of marriage!

He saw the way I went from feeling a bit under the weather to struggling to stay upright in a few hours and being whisked into treatment within minutes of arriving at the hospital.

We’ve talked about the way it made us feel.  It’s a good reminder to always make time for that extra cuddle.   We’ve talked and laughed lots in the past 9 days.  We’ve not got frustrated over the things that simply don’t matter.

Not only have I had a great lesson in the power of clothes.  But also I’m even closer to the love of my life.  Pretty good result I’d say!

power of clothes and accessories

The Power Of Clothes Isn’t Just About Clothes

It applies to accessories too.

A favourite scarf or necklace can have a massive impact on the way you feel.

I’m planning to set up and run an online accessories course to show you how to accessorise in style but am asking for feedback first in response to a very short survey.  If you’d like to take part in the survey that would be amazing it’s anonymous but if you add done to the facebook post then I’ll be sending you a special gift to say thank you.