Do you head straight for the bargain rail when you enter the clothes department?

Hands up – I used to do this. This can be a result of childhood experiences about the value of money. But it can also have a deeper meaning.

I learnt as I was growing up to look for bargains.

My lasting memories were that a reduced price item was something to be treasured! Both my mother and grandmother were avid bargain hunters.  One of my aunts and her daughter would make an annual pilgrimage to London for the Biba sale.  They would travel up from Dorset by train, shop until they dropped and covet every purchase.

Some of my friends have told me that they were told they couldn’t have particular items because they were too expensive.   To be regularly told this as a child creates subliminal message of  I must settle for second best.  It creates a feeling that I am not worth full price.  We carry these sub-conscious messages with us throughout our lives.

If we walk around with the attitude that I’m not worth full price, this has a much deeper meaning than simply how much money we spend on clothes. It can affect our view of ourselves across our careers, relationships and our entire approach to the world.

Take a look in your wardrobe. Do you have any ‘bargains’ here that are lurking still with their labels attached?   They are such a good investment that you’re saving them for when?

I’m not entirely immune from the grab a bargain mentality.  The legacy my female relatives left me with of ‘thou shalt covet’ does still occasionally raise its ugly head!

On a business trip in the US a few years ago, I had a day to myself. I spent the entire afternoon and evening at a shopping mall.  A marathon eight hours stint! Everything is bigger in Texas – including their shopping malls!  Until recently I still had a pair of khaki silk cut offs from this trip from one of my favourite labels. I wore them once in 6 years!   They were neither the right colour nor shape for me. But I refused to see it, because they were such a bargain!

I suggest you check your wardrobe and look for the labels. If the labels are still in tact and the items have been sitting there for a while ask why?  Perhaps it’s because there hasn’t been an occasion or because you need to buy additional items to go with your ‘bargain’ Or like my example they are the wrong shape and colour!

You Are Worth Full Price

Can I suggest that the charity shop might benefit? As the likelihood of you wearing this item is probably nil to negligible.