You have got your gym mojo and love your workouts, but what about your workout clothes?

Do you have to have the most amazing trainers but can’t remember the last time you thought about a new sports bra?

Or do you struggle to get to the gym and are very conscious that others are watching you when you are there?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then I’d love you to read this post and you can also download my FREE guide to workout clothes for your body shape!

You will have a much more enjoyable workout if you feel good about the way you look. I have an outfit that I wear for my favourite classes. My workout clothes make me feel great and it shows in my performance.

exercise improves self-esteem

Trainers are Tops!

The footwear you have for working out is not a fashion accessory!

I speak from personal experience.   When I started to do high impact workouts I wore the wrong trainers and paid for it in aches and pains! Let alone a couple of dramatic ankle twists and torn ligaments!

If you’re not sure where to start find a retailer who offers gait analysis. Tell the retailer what you plan to do, how often and if you’re a runner, the distances and terrain.

Gait analysis involves running on a treadmill while being filmed. This is then played back at slow speed to see how your feet land to assess the best products for you.

Longer term if you do find yourself suffering from aches and pains in your lower body it may be worth seeing a Podiatrist, as you may need orthotic inner soles.

Finally before I climb down from my soapbox, don’t expect trainers to last forever.

Their lifespan will depend on the bashing you give them in terms of the types of workouts and intensity.   This doesn’t mean buying cheap styles to compensate for replacing them regularly.

Workout Clothes Trainers

Quick Tip: How to pay less for your trainers

If you find a brand and style you like, note the model number. You’ll probably find the next time you go to look for that style it’s been updated by a new model at a higher price. But search online for the original model number. The chances are you will be able to find the original discounted.


Good Foundations

The next most important item in your gym bag is your sports bra. Not wearing the proper support when you are working out may cause you breast pain in the short term. But the long-term effects are irreversible damage to the breast tissue and ligaments, causing boob droop!

The style and amount of support you need will depend on the type of workouts you do and your cup size.

Workout Clothes Sports Bra

Low Impact Workouts – Pilates, Yoga and Floor Based Workouts

You will need straps that stretch or adjust.

It’s important that straps stay on your shoulders when you bend.

Avoid back clasps as these may dig in.

D Cup or more then consider underwired sports bras.


Medium Impact Workouts – Cross-Training, Cycling and Boot Camps

You want freedom of movement and support. Look for styles that are not too tight round your ribs but do conceal your cleavage. This de-risks an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!

Cross Straps can be helpful to give support without restriction.

Again if you are D+ then I recommend underwired styles.


High Impact Workouts – Running, Kickboxing and Contact Sports

You need to protect against bounce! You are at more risk of suffering from discomfort caused by sweating and chaffing.

Look for moulded or underwire cups, wide straps and fabrics such as polyester or nylon, with spandex to give the best support.

For D+ cup sizes look for padded straps to give extra comfort and protection against chaffing.


It’s All In The Tech!

Before we even consider what styles to buy, consider the following points about workout clothing.

You may have heard the term Wicking Technology and wondered what it meant! It simply refers to breathable fabrics.

These are fabrics that have been developed to take the moisture away from your skin. The fabric draws sweat away from your skin to the exterior of the fabric.

The moisture is more easily evaporated from the exterior of the fabric.

Many of the big brands in fitness clothing have their own technology, for example freshFX® technology by LYCRA®.

Do not be tempted to ‘go natural’ and wear 100% cotton fabrics. The fabrics will become wet, heavy and will chafe.

Look for garments with at least 15% Elastane. These will hold their shape and have a better fit.

When your workout gear starts to take on an odour of its own, it’s time to shop for some more! You can prolong the life of your gym kit by ensuring you wash it immediately after a workout.

Workout Clothes Fabrics

Clearly the same rule applies to colour for workout gear as much as any other clothing. Darker colours will help you to look slimmer.  Equally wearing colours in your colour palette as far as they are available in gym gear.

If black is not in your colour palette and makes you look tired and drawn, imagine how it will look if the lighting is bright and you’ve had a hard day!

Beware of pale colours, particularly plain or colour block designs. These will show up the damp wet patches more than darker colours or prints.

Use prints and patterns wisely – larger prints will make a small person look smaller. Equally smaller prints will make a large person look larger.

Horizontal patterns or lines will create width vertical lines will help you look taller.

Workout Clothes Body Shape

Hopefully this post has given you some useful points on what to consider before you buy workout clothes.

It’s very easy to be drawn to fabulous looking trainers, bright colours or fabulous patterns when the priority should be functionality with workout clothes.

It’s also easy to become overwhelmed by all the ‘Geek Speak’ about fabric technology when in fact it is quite simple. Does it draw moisture away from your skin?

But having understood the basics it would be helpful to know what to styles to select for your body shape and where to buy?

Why not download a copy of my FREE Guide Workout In Style where I explain what you should be looking for in Workout Clothes For Your Body Shape