Our early wardrobe influencers may still have an impact on our attitude to our clothes.

Do you remember being bought a dress being told we could only wear it for best?

How many times did you get to wear it before it no longer fitted? Not many I’ll bet!

While our parents’ had good intentions, they were perhaps shaped by a number of factors including:

  • Disposable income;
  • Clothes proportionately more expensive;
  • Attitudes shaped by families who had lived through the war and rationing

But how many of us have been left with the legacy of keeping it for best?

Recently a friend told me that as a result of her mother’s instructions to ‘keep it for best’ her shoe collection was worthy of Imelda Marcos!  She hardly ever wore many of her shoes, as she was still keeping them for best!

If your ‘best’ clothes are ones that you really love and make you feel fantastic they deserve a regular parade on the streets of life!

Okay there are some items that may be too much for some occasions. However, if you consider how to style it, I bet that you can wear it more often than you think.

I have a simple vest style top that is covered in sequins. Bit glam for just going to the pub you might think.  I style it with distressed jeans and flip flops and it takes on a casual look.

If it is an item that gets you noticed, even more reason to wear it regularly (see style tip 8).  Self conscious about being seen in it too often? Use your imagination and style it up in different ways.

My favourite summer maxi dress is a clingy number that always makes me feel sexy and stylish.   I wear it with heels and a smart jacket.  Or I might add a scarf to create a second look.  Alternatively I wear it with flip flops and a denim jacket.  My fourth look is to simply wear a waistcoat with the dress.  There’s four outfits without thinking too hard!

Wardrobe Influencers Style Tip

Take that ‘save it for best’ piece in your wardrobe and try it on with different combinations – taking selfies as you go, to remind yourself what you’ve created.

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