VIP Style Package

My Top to Toe Style Service

Half-Day Package

combining my key services

A half day consultation with me in the comfort of your own home. Where we will consider your image, analyse your colours and undertake a wardrobe review.

You can book each of my in-person styling services individually, but this service is the ultimate investment in yourself.

At the end of our session together you will be inspired and feel confident. You will be able to put into practise what you’ve learnt about your colour and style with your own clothes. Your wardrobe will be full of new outfits without having invested in more clothes. We will have removed clothes that no longer serve you.

Studies have shown that when we get dressed up our choice of clothing is determined by wanting to feel more confident, comfortable and to express ourselves. So why not make those choices whenever you get dressed?

Where do we start?

We will look how you want to show up. We will consider your personality and how you can express that in terms of the clothes you wear, for whatever occasion.

Remember whatever you are doing, you are the same person. Your choice of clothes, whether it’s for an occasion, work or simply relaxing, are an extension of who you are.

What parts of your body to you love?

We will focus on what you love and play down what you are not so keen on.

As women we’ve perfected the art of focusing on what we don’t like about ourselves. But I like to turn that on its head and start from a position of love. Don’t hide what you’re proud of but instead celebrate it and show it off to best effect. The bits you’re not so keen on I will show you how to draw attention away from them. But remember they are still part of who you are. So we don’t write them off but we do play them down.

Get The Colours Right

Colour is the first thing we see and the thing we remember, even if sub-consciously. So wearing the right colours can leave a lasting impression on others. But more importantly, wearing the right colours means you have a healthy glow your features stand out and your eyes sparkle.

A colour analysis will determine your seasonal colour palette.

I will first check to see if you are a warm or cool palette. Then I will check to see if you are best suited to bright or muted colours. From this I can show you which looks best on you.

I will give you advice on hair colours to choose, as well as looking at your make up bag.

What Looks Good On You

We will then move on to look at your body shape, scale and vertical proportions, as well as your face shape.

Based on this I will share with you what garment styles will work and what avoid. We will look at various garment types, consider what fabrics – textures and patterns work best for you.

Then we will move on to accessories from top to toe considering your body shape as well as your face shape.,.

I will offer you some tips and tricks to help draw people’s attention to or away from parts of your body. This I like to call the magic tricks of style.

Wardrobe Review

Once we’ve considered your image, colour and style, we can turn our attention to your wardrobe.

Research has shown there is a link between high cortisol (the stress hormone) and owning a home with a high density of household objects.

The paradox of choice is that having too many clothes to choose from makes it more difficult to make a choice. We also worry more that the choices we’ve made are wrong.

Clearing physical clutter can also help to clear your mind. It releases energy and gives you a really good boost.

We will use our new-found knowledge about your colours and style to decide what to keep and how to style different pieces.

If you have clothes that are not in your colours or not the best styles for you, but you want to keep them, I will always offer you ways to wear them first. But this doesn’t mean we simply keep clothes that are not serving you if we can’t make them work. It’s about getting the balance right.

We will go through your wardrobe piece by piece making a call on what works and what doesn’t. We will consider repurposing and upcycling where appropriate. I will put you in touch with people who can help you if you need help with this or indeed alterations.

I will help you to go shopping in your wardrobe, put together new outfit combinations and help you fall in love with the clothes that do work for you.

If we do decide you have items missing that would enhance your wardrobe, we will create a list. I will offer you some suggestions about where to shop according to your style preferences and budget.