thick thighs

You can wear shorts

Some women despair that having thick thighs means that you end up slouching around in maxi skirts or leggings and big baggy T Shirts at this time of year. It doesn’t need to be that way as you, will have the most amazing parts of your body to accentuate. Then it’s simply a case of using a few styling tips to downplay your thick thighs.

Most women with thick thighs are a pear shaped body. The good news is that this is the most common body shape in the western world.   You will most likely have slender shoulders and a small bust with a lovely curvy waist. You need to think about drawing attention to your top half and away from your bottom half and your unwanted thick thighs. That sounds fine in theory but what does it mean in practice?

Dressing Tips for Thick Thighs




Yes you can wear shorts regardless of the fact you have thick thighs. Just follow these tips

  1. High Waisted Shorts will be much more flattering than hipsters
  2. A line shorts are good as they will skim your hips, accentuate your curves
  3. Keep away from added details such as pockets – these add unnecessary volume
  4. Mid-length shorts are good too
  5. Keep material plain or dark – bright bold prints will add volume


Leggings can look great on pear shaped bodies with thick thighs, particularly if teamed with a longer top. Just be careful that the hemline of your top does not finish on your widest part as this will simply add volume.

For a night out why not select a pair of wet look leggings with a chiffon blouse and camisole top to finish the look.   You will be surprised how fabulous a pair of wet look leggings can look on a curvy figure. A coloured blouse or one with a print this will draw the eye upwards. Add a statement necklace or scarf to finish the look.


With your pear shaped body you will look fabulous in a pencil skirt skimming your curves.   Pencil skirts are one of the most flattering skirt styles and on you they look simply fantastic!

Pencil skirts might be a bit uncomfortable when the weather’s warmer so another great option is to wear an A Line style skirt which will look great with thick thighs.

Just remember with thick thighs keep away from anything that adds volume to your hip area – such as side zips, pockets, pleats or very flared skirts.

Your skirt length will depend on your height and if your legs are generally wide. Knee length or just above is a good option if you’re not very tall. Taller women will look great in longer skirt lengths.


Steer clear of tapered trousers these will simply make your thick thighs look wider as they taper to your ankle. Straight cut trousers are your best choice and boot cut jeans will look good too. Jeans will possibly cause a few issues as finding jeans to fit your hips and your thick thighs will mean that the waist is too big and the bulky denim may make them uncomfortable.

Stop Dwelling on the Negatives!

In conclusion start focusing on the positives and stop dwelling on the negatives. Start thinking about how you showcase the best bits of your body shape! Emphasize your top half, show off your fabulous cleavage and draw the eye upwards and away from your thick thighs with style and colour. Start loving the way you look.