What my clients say


Until I met Carol I was stuck in a clothing rut.  I hated shopping as I had no idea what to buy or what suited me and therefore tended to use the internet.  Often things arrived that did not fit properly or suit me but I kept them on the basis of “it will do”

A friend recommended Carol so I contacted her.  Together we went through my wardrobe and threw out at least 2/3 of what I owned.  She also did a colour analysis and showed me the colours that would work for me.

We then went shopping and with her help I was able to get items that suited me, fitted and that I will wear over and over again.

Since then I have been much more confident about how I dress and what I wear.  I make more use of each item of clothing and when I have bought clothing I have known what I am looking for, what colours suit me and what shapes I should go for.  It has been a very positive experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Carol to anyone in the same position as me.  



I made an appointment to see Carol after feeling very lost with my style and sense of self post baby number 2. As a busy Mum I don’t often have time to prioritise time for myself so I absolutely loved the time spent with Carol going through everything from face shape to colour analysis. I now have such a clearer idea on what I should be wearing and why. Carol is a great listener and understood very quickly what I wanted to achieve from the consultation. I couldn’t recommend her services enough. I feel better able to communicate ‘me’ through what I wear, which is truly wonderful. Thank you Carol.



My consultation with Carol was a real pleasure, honest, frank and insightful. Carol has inspired me and given me so many ideas to play with now!



My session with Carol was in many ways priceless. She is Knowledgeable, honest and fun.

Her friendly but critical eye on my wardrobe was invaluable and I feel like I am now seeing my clothes and style through a much more strategic lens. As a result I am wearing different colours and feeling much more confident in making wise purchasing decisions. Thanks Carol!



Since getting rid of six bags of clothes, years of memories, beliefs I had and the best giggle I’ve had in ages, Carol has helped me to be free.  Free to choose, free to feel happy in my clothes, free to fly!  Thank you so much for your sensitive wisdom.



I approached Carol for styling after two hip replacements. My original body shape had returned, and after 10 years of covering up my body I had no idea how to start enhancing my shape. I wanted to make sure that I was making the most of my new figure and only buying clothes that I would actually wear. 

We discussed my colours, shape, needs, and wants from my wardrobe. We detoxed my wardrobe, which felt so freeing.

I was left feeling like I had the most amazing body and an excitement to go shopping for clothes, a new experience for me. This change in mindset has also led to me losing weight without even trying. How about that for a bonus! 

Carol took the time to understand who I am beyond the surface and truly listened beyond the basic wardrobe issues. We had lots of laughs! It was such an enjoyable experience. After the session Carol sent me an in-depth document on all we had discussed and a vision board of examples. This information is so valuable as a reference as I adapt to my new style. 

This experience is so personal that I knew I needed the right person to take me through it. Carol is that person. Carol is knowledgeable, compassionate, confident, professional, caring, experienced, and fun to work with. I highly recommend Carol to take you on this life-changing journey.



Thanks so much again Carol for all your time and help with reinventing my style.

I’m absolutely amazed that you managed to find such stylish and beautiful clothes and boots, given that I’m so fussy and particular! To end up with two whole outfits plus accessories is more than I could have hoped for. 

This has been such a worthwhile investment for me and something ticked off my bucket list!  I’ve always found it so hard to create an outfit/style and you’ve really helped me to see what suits me (and what doesn’t) in terms of colour, style, shape, pattern etc.,  I shall be recommending you! 



I have a much more exciting wardrobe now, as a result of working with Carol, and I know I can rely on her to help me dress in perfect style, no matter what the occasion. 



Carol is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about colour, and what style of clothes suit different shapes, but, she helped me define my image – how I want to look and what this says about me.

Having previously been heavily overweight I had spent years in shapeless dark clothes attempting to not draw attention to my body. Now, not only am I much lighter, but my wardrobe is too! Carol has given me a huge confidence boost in dressing for my shape, highlighting my best bits and re-ignited a love for colour. It is such a pleasure to go out, especially on special occasions knowing you look your best.

Working with Carol was a great investment, not just in me and my confidence but I’ve saved heaps by no longer buying mistakes that lie languished in the back of my wardrobe never to be worn.



You have given me the confidence that I’d lost. I do know now what to avoid and what looks good. Spent this afternoon filling bags with things I haven’t worn in ages and with things I won’t wear again. I also fitted into a pair of jeans that haven’t fitted me for a year! So I know I’m n the right track.

Loving the colours you’ve given me and looking forwards to getting a couple of dresses or even a skirt or two…wow!



The style guide is really helpful and I will keep it handy and stick it in my wardrobe!

The clothes you recommend are fantastic and I love them all. I might even order a dress or two today!! I think I need a new coat too!!!

I love Pinterest and use it a lot myself, so this is just great. I love that you have put comments on too – what a lot of effort you have gone to – thanks again.  



What I love about Carol is how she puts clothes together. Her style is understated but always present. I thought I would like some of that for myself so asked her to do a style consultation. I highly recommend a session with Carol it’s both illuminating and fun. 



Thank YOU so much for your time today, and all the effort you have put in to make this morning such an excellent experience! 

Not only did I learn about the colours that make me sparkle naturally, but I’ve also learnt so much more about my shape and proportions that I ever thought was possible. 

The personal details really impressed me Carol, down to helping me select the right size handbag to wear at the right length to make me look my best – I had never ever thought about that until you mentioned the tiny lady with the big bag!

After 2 hours I now understand why I spend too long putting outfits together in the morning (and at 5.30am I’d rather not be wasting that time) and even why there are things with the new tags still attached in my wardrobe. 

I am now excited to sort through my current collection and putting different things together to make me feel like a more stylish me.

I cannot thank you enough and I would highly recommend you to ANYONE that I meet.



I had umm-ed and ahh-ed for so long over getting advice on my style, always waiting until the ‘right’ moment: when I’ve lost some weight; when I’ve got more money to buy new clothes.

So when Carol mentioned her Creating Wardrobe Magic program to me, I felt this was the right time.  I immediately decided to go ahead. I didn’t just want to know what was the right style of clothing for my shape, but also for my personality and lifestyle.  With 3 young children and fluctuating weight I often choose an outfit for comfort.  But if I could buy and assemble outfits that still flattered and looked great because everything about it suits me, that would be great. 

The session with Carol was relaxed with many touches of humour.  I didn’t feel judged for previous poor choices and I felt Carol really was working to find the best for me as a person, rather than me as a particular body shape and colour category.  When I didn’t fit completely into one particular description for body shape Carol worked through what was best for me to choose from my actual shape and proportions (and we invented a new body shape!).

I felt comfortable asking questions to relate all the new information to what I currently have in my wardrobe, and what I would normally head towards in the shops, and I came out knowing what I could immediately rule out on the rails, and what I should be trying on and buying – I didn’t know it was possible to love shopping more, but now I do! 



Thanks so much again Carol for all your time and help with reinventing my style.

I’m absolutely amazed that you managed to find such stylish and beautiful clothes and boots, given that I’m so fussy and particular! To end up with two whole outfits plus accessories is more than I could have hoped for. 

This has been such a worthwhile investment for me and something ticked off my bucket list!  I’ve always found it so hard to create an outfit/style and you’ve really helped me to see what suits me (and what doesn’t) in terms of colour, style, shape, pattern etc.,  I shall be recommending you!  



I decided to seek help with my wardrobe after too many years of looking back at myself and not liking what I saw, I just never felt truly comfortable.  I wanted to feel more positive when looking in my reflection regardless of my size and confidence levels. I have recently changed careers and realise how important it is to feel comfortable in the clothes I wear, in any situation.

Since having my consultation with Carol I now understand what colours suit me, the sort of clothes that compliment my shape,  and importantly what doesn’t.  This will help me enormously going forward when buying new clothes.  I felt that the consultation it is an investment in me and will not just benefit me just for today but for a lifetime. 

Carol is clearly very knowledgeable, and with her calm approach, she made a potentially uncomfortable experience into a very pleasant one with a lot of laughs along the way. 

I would not hesitate to recommend a consultation with Carol!



I love Carol’s quirky sense of style, she certainly knows how to put an outfit together with her own particular stamp. I believe knowing what suits you is the basis for developing your own unique style.  

Before working with Carol, I had a wardrobe full of clothes, many of which I’d hardly worn. They looked great on the hanger but I somehow didn’t feel comfortable wearing them. After a fun and informative styling session with Carol, I understood exactly why I so loved some of my wardrobe items and just couldn’t connect with others. I’ve since had a huge clear out and in future will only be purchasing clothes that suit my body shape and colour palette as well as appealing to my own style preference. Thank you Carol, I can now recognise what will suit me and more importantly, what won’t.  



Through various networks, I’d met a number of people who had promised me that they could update my wardrobe, tell me what colours suited me and generally revamp my professional look – several were local and others came with glowing recommendations.  Having only met Carol a couple of times, there was something about her “way”, her openness and general approach on life that made her the only choice – when I finally plucked up the courage to ask for help.

Asking for help was a massive deal for me – but I had acknowledged, with a couple of business presentations coming up, I needed a wardrobe of clothes that I was comfortable in, suited me and reflected my brand.  By taking the time to find out about me (not just looking at body shape, skin tone and size), Carol worked her magic.  On reflection, I was expecting an instruction sheet of do’s and don’t’s – and yet knowing Carol that was unlikely to be the case.  I was incredibly anxious about the whole process – looking at myself was a huge issue.

Instead, somehow, in the process of our session, Carol created the beginning of what was a massive change in me.  I can’t pinpoint the phrase, or the exact moment but she gave me skills to shop (and I hated shopping!) wisely, a level of confidence in what I wear that I had never, ever had and a look that completely encapsulates my brand values.  As I said, magic.

Going on from there, I’ve now lost enough weight to drop 2 dress sizes, my confidence when doing business has increased massively and I think that is part of why my business is growing.  That’s not a correlation I would ever have thought of when I made my first tentative enquiry.



Thank you so much Carol for renewing a dormant passion for clothes! I haven’t been this excited about shopping for years.

It was a really fun day going through my wardrobe and having my colours done, something I would not have even have known about!

I carry my colour swatch with me everywhere and loved receiving the vision board of exactly where to get each item from after the consultation. I will definitely be back for another vision board as sometimes it’s all too much out there and would rather have you as a stylist expert make life easier!