Last week Suzie, a friend of mine, rang me in floods of tears.  Through her hiccups I could just about make out that she wanted to know what sunglasses style she should buy!

sunglasses style

While Suzie was packing her case for a much-needed girlie break, her puppy had leapt on to the bed and grabbed her sunglasses. By the time Suzie retrieved them they’d been thoroughly chewed!

With only a few hours before leaving she wanted help and asked what sunglasses style she should buy? Her plan was to replace them before she left.

Believing the advice she would get would be a quick run down of which shops to go to and maybe what was ‘in fashion’, she got more than she bargained for!

I explained to Suzie that she would need to consider her face shape, think about the recent colour analysis I had done for her and her personality before she could consider her sunglasses style!

Not convinced that I’d won a popularity contest by the end of the conversation, but I didn’t want Suzie to waste her money!

The story had a happy ending! Her husband managed to fix the puppy-chewed version, which alleviated the panic. This meant she could consider the answers I’d given her and think about her sunglasses style when she returned refreshed and relaxed from her break!

Sunglasses Style What Is Important?

1. Face Shape

This is probably the most important aspect and one of the most confusing, as we struggle to identify our own face shapes.

There are a couple of websites and apps* which will analyze your face shape from a photograph, which are useful as a guide but I found they gave me different results!  Personally I would use one of these but also take your measurements and use this in conjunction with my tips below for what sunglasses should I buy.

what sunglasses should I buy for my face shape

2. Colour Analysis

Knowing what seasonal colour palette you are should play a part in the frames you select.

You want your frames to go with your clothes but more importantly as they are on your face, you may find yourself not looking as tanned and healthy as you would like if you select the wrong colour frames!

There is no substitute for having your colours done, but if like Suzie you’re in a rush then at least do the gold and silver test to work out if you’re a cool or warm palette.

3. Personality

In a sense this will partly be determined by the shape and colour of the frame, but it’s worth considering that your sunglasses should reflect the image you are projecting.

If you favour a feminine and romantic style then going for a strong bright decorated pair of frames will look out of place.

If your look is more classic and elegant then crystal or other embellished styles are probably not going to be your first choice! You will probably be drawn to more discreet styles.

What Sunglasses Style Works For My Face Shape?

Sunglasses Style - Rectangular

Oakley – Rectangular

1. Oval

The oval face shape is considered the ideal. This is because it is balanced and in proportion with the length of the face slightly longer than the width.

Most frames will suit an oval face. If this sound like too much choice, look for frames that are slightly wider than the widest part of your face.


If you have a round face then your cheekbones are your widest point and your face will be quite short with a wide forehead.

To balance this shape, look for angular frames or rectangular frames. You should avoid round or oval shapes, which will make your face look rounder and wider.


Sunglasses Style Round

Dolce & Gabbana – Round

The width and length of your face is in proportion. You have a strong jaw and a broad forehead.

Look for rounded frames, which will soften your features. Frames with more width than depth will soften your jawline and lengthen your nose.

Avoid wearing angular or rectangular frames, as this will emphasize your features.

Inverted Triangle

You have a broad forehead and narrow rounded chin.   To create a balanced look you want to minimize the width of your forehead.

You can achieve this with rimless frames, smaller frames or styles that are wider at the bottom than the top.   Using lighter materials and colours will also create a more balanced look.


A narrow forehead and chin with wide (dramatic) cheekbones characterize this shape.

This shape will be narrower at the eye line and jawline. To balance this shape you need to add volume and depth at the eye line.

Dramatic oversized frames look amazing! Alternatively look for detailing on the brow line or oval shapes.

Sunglasses Style Cat Eye

Coach – Cat Eye


A narrow forehead, which widens towards the cheeks and chin.

You want to create more width at the eye line. Widen and add emphasis to the eyes.

The options for doing this are to select frames with detailing on the top. Cats Eye shape frames will also help to create this balance.


You will have a deeper forehead, strong jawline and longer nose.

The best styles will be either square or angular styles with detail on the brow line. Decorative or contrasting temples will look good.

These features have the effect of shortening the face.   A low bridge will shorten the appearance of a longer nose.


A heart shape face is very similar to the inverted triangle, but has a more elongated shape.

You want to reduce the width of your eye line and so oval or rectangular shape frames will help to do this.

Avoid aviator or rimless frames, which will simply emphasize your broad eye line and cheekbones.


Sunglasses Style - Aviator

Kurt Geiger – Aviator

Your face will be longer than it is wide. You will have a long straight cheekbone.

You want to create more width rather than lengthen your face. You can do this with aviator frames or look for frames that have more depth than width.

Avoid narrow rectangular frames, which will make your face look longer.

In this post I’ve aimed to answer the question what sunglasses should I buy in terms of style and shape. However, do not forget that sunglasses are not simply a fashion accessory, but offer protection against harmful UV rays.   Always check before you buy a pair that the manufacturer states they block 100% UVA and UVB rays.

Stating the obvious but buy from a reputable retailer and check the small print! No fashion accessory is worth damaging your eyes for!

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* Check your face shapes at the following sites and apps:

Sephora – Mobile only