Stuck In A Style Rut?

Are you in a style rut?  If you have very little interest in your wardrobe or your appearance you could be in a style rut.   The signs and symptoms vary enormously.    It may be that you just find shopping very stressful.  Perhaps when you do buy anything it’s very often a similar style to other items you own.  How many grey T-shirts can you own?

Or it may be that you have an ‘off duty uniform’ that you put on whenever you’re not at work.  Sometimes people who wear a uniform for work struggle with their wardrobe outside the workplace.

Fundamentally while the symptoms may manifest themselves in different ways, the issue is that anyone in a style rut struggles with their wardrobe on a daily basis.

Feeling Good About The Way We Look

Feeling good about the way we look affects our lives in many different ways.  The main impact it has is that it helps us to feel confident.  If we feel confident about the way we look it will help us:

  • In the workplace;
  • Running our businesses;
  • Our relationships;
  • Our interactions on all levels.

Self-confidence helps us to lead happier lives.  Others want to interact and engage with us on all kinds of levels.

If you are finding that it’s a struggle to get interested in your appearance there may be issues that need exploring on a much deeper level.   In this blog post I’m looking at the symptoms.  Then I will give you some really hot tips to try to reignite your passion in your appearance.  Hopefully by following my tips you will get right out of that style rut!

Feel Fab Direct

I was really excited when Philippa asked me to write a blog for her new business.  PI was delighted to be asked to guest blog for the very lovely Philippa Taylor of Feel Fab Direct.   Philippa asked me to blog as my passion to help women to look fantastic and feel fabulous fits in perfectly with Feel Fab Direct!   I decided to explore how to identify and get out of a style rut.

Philippa and I share a passion for helping women to look and feel fantastic.  I help women with their appearance and show them how feeling good on the outside is about getting it right on the inside!  Philippa helps women to look and feel fantastic by using the science behind LiveVantage.  The theory is the same, get it right on the inside and this will help you to look and feel fantastic on the outside.

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