Style Consultation

How to dress for your awesome body

Style consultations

Feel great inside and out

A styling session will help you to look and feel fantastic, so that you’re smiling inside and out. Brimming with confidence and graciously receiving compliments about your appearance. 

The style consultation takes around 90 minutes and we will do this together in the comfort of your home. If you haven’t had your colours analysed I strongly recommend that we do this at the same time.

Where do we begin with a style consultation?

We will look at how you want the world to see you.  Together we will create your own unique style blend!

We will explore how you want to show up in the world, what kind of person are you.  I call this your style DNA, the type of person you are and how you express it through your clothes. You may say that you have different characteristics depending what activities you’re doing.  But the truth is that you are the same person and so whatever you are doing you will find ways to express that through your choice of clothes. A style consultation will help you to bring this to the fore so that choosing your clothes becomes so much easier.

Well it’s a blend of:

  • Colours
  • Styles
  • Fabrics
  • Finishes
  • Accessories

Once we’ve planted these seeds we will nurture them and watch them flourish.  As they blossom you will feel empowered to look fantastic and feel fabulous every time you get dressed.

What’s holding you back?

We will consider anything that might be holding you back from expressing your true sense of style. There are a number of factors that can sometimes affect the way we express ourselves.

These can include the way we feel about money and spending it on ourselves.  Our attitude to clothes that we do buy – how often do you save something for best and it never gets worn? These are just a couple of examples and I will give you tips to overcome some of these barriers we have to expressing ourselves through our clothes. 


Love Your Body! It’s Easy When You Know How To.

As we go through the style consultation, we will look at what parts of your body you do love and what you’re not so keen on. Note we start on the ‘love’ and not on the negatives!

We will consider what you find easy to shop for and what presents a challenge. This helps me to build up a picture so that I can give you the best advice on how to dress and shop in the future.

You can only look fantastic when you understand what suits you. Equally when you know what suits you, it will help you to understand what styles to avoid.

What Happens Next?

To help you achieve this I will help you to understand your shape, scale and proportion. We will work through different garment types. I will show you what works for you and your unique style blend.

Being a stylist is a bit like being a magician. I will share with you the fabulous tricks you can use to create wardrobe magic. By the end of our style consultation you will know how to conjure your own unique wardrobe blend with styles that really suit you. I will also look at your face shape, to help determine the best hairstyles, glasses and accessories to choose.

We will look at accessories, how to choose and use them to enhance and flatter your body. I love accessories; they are such a fantastic way to create more outfits from fewer clothes. But my own research has found that many women don’t wear accessories. They are simply not sure how to make them work.

Following our consultation I will create your unique Style File. This will be your personal guide to help you look fantastic showing you what styles to look for and just as importantly what to avoid.

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