Forget skinny jeans, Flares are back announced the Sunday Times last week.

I recoiled in horror at the headline. Skinny jeans are an integral part of my wardrobe!

There’s nothing quite as emotive as our relationship with our jeans!    I remember my first shopping trip to buy a pair of denims. It was the shopping trip from hell with tears of frustration eventually followed by high fives when I found a pair that fitted!

skinny jeans

In the early 2000s I flirted with flares, before heading back to skinny jeans. They work for me, they look good and I feel fantastic wearing skinny jeans.

The Sunday Times article promoted this post  as it’s style that’s important, rather than fashion. Here are my tips for finding the perfect jeans for your body shape.   If you’d like help determining your body shape then my handy body shape guide will be useful.

jeans for everyone


Hourglass Body Shape

You want to define your gorgeous curvy shape. But you also need to be careful not to overemphasize your hips and keep your figure in proportion.

Straight leg jeans (or slim jeans)

These will flatter you by balancing your silhouette, giving the illusion of height – ideal if you’re a petite hourglass body shape.

Wide leg/Flare

If you are an hourglass you can wear wide legged jeans with one proviso. You need to be tall enough to carry off the wide legs. Selecting slimmer flares will create the illusion of more height.

Skinny jeans

You can wear skinny jeans as an hourglass but you need to be a slender hourglass and quite tall to carry this look off successfully. Too curvy or too short will give you a top-heavy look.

Quick tip: Do not go for tapered styles, as this will also have the effect of making your hips look out of balance.


Pear Shaped Body

Wide Leg/Flare

A wider leg will help to balance your hips.

Just be careful to keep the flare/wide leg slimmer if you are petite.   A very wide leg or big flare will make you look out of proportion


With the slightly wider lower leg this style is ideal for you as it will balance out your hips and bottom.


You can wear straight leg providing you are comfortable with your curves. Talking to a friend the other day she didn’t believe me! Convinced that her hips were too wide to wear anything slimmer than a bootcut.

I urged her to try a pair on and she was amazed how good they looked in dark denim, especially when we added a pretty blouse that ended just below her waist and above her hips. It was a no brainer decision to buy them!

Quick tip: Keep details on the pockets to a minimum – highly decorated back pockets will just draw attention to the wrong parts!

skinny jeans

Apple Body Shape

You are trying to add balance and draw attention to your legs and hips.


The flare at the bottom of the leg will help to draw the eye away from your midsection and will create balance.

Wide Leg/Flare

Do not be tempted to just get the widest leg jeans possible in the belief that it’s the only way you can wear jeans. It won’t work! I appreciate that some manufacturers seem to think it’s the only option but the more enlightened ones know it’s only an option if you are tall enough to carry it off!

If you are petite then it will have the effect of creating width and make you look shorter.

Flares and wide legs come in different widths so look for more slender shapes.

Quick tip: Look for details on pockets and stitching which will draw the eye to your hip line.


Athletic Body Shape

The world is your oyster you have the biggest choice and can wear all styles.

Just remember you want to create curves and thereby add balance.   I’ve suggested a few tips on how to do this and what to watch for.

Wide Leg/Flares

As you want to add definition go for styles that taper over your slender thighs and flare lower down. This will help to create the illusion of curves and shape.

Boyfriend Jeans (and girlfriend jeans)

This more relaxed cut and its new feminine friend will look great on your slender frame. But remember to add a belt to create some waist definition.

Skinny Jeans

Add some volume to your top half. Only wear very fitted tops if you’re adding accessories. You want to create shape and definition.

Quick tip: faded look jeans with more than one colour tone will look fabulous on your long slender legs.

skinny jeans


Inverted Triangle Shape

You want to create volume on your lower half to give you balance. This means you need to think in terms of wider cuts.

Wide Legs/Flares

Like our athletic body shape you want to create definition so flares/wide legs are good but again be careful about the width of the legs you want shape not a mass of material!


The wider lower legs are great for inverted triangle shapes. Like flares/wide legs they will add definition without losing shape.

Boyfriend Jeans (and girlfriend jeans)

The more relaxed looser styles will look good on you. But like our athletic body shape friends you need to add a belt to create definition at your waist.

Quick Tip: Your body shape may have developed as a result of toning.   Boyfriend/girlfriend jeans can help with your defined quadriceps!

boyfriend jeans

Hope that this helps guide you through the minefield of what jean shapes to choose for your body shape. However, there other things you need to consider when choosing your perfect jeans.

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