self care put on your own oxygen maskPut on your own oxygen mask before helping others! I love the air travel safety briefing analogy to demonstrate the importance of self care.

As women we are excellent at putting ourselves to the back of the queue when it comes to caring and nurturing.

We are far more likely to put family, friends, our employers or our clients first.

While on one hand this is very commendable long-term it is not sustainable.

To use another analogy, how can we drive everyone home from the party if we have no fuel in the car!

What does this have to do with your wardrobe? Plenty!

Self care includes looking and feeling the best version of yourself you can possibly be!  You will be more confident, resilient and full of energy if you know you look fantastic!

In this post we will look at the bad habits we develop with regard to our clothes. I’m betting you are going to be nodding or squirming when you read some of these! This is fine so long as you take steps to stop those habits right now!

Give up the self-loathing habit

Loathing is a strong word but let’s face it that’s what we do! As women we tell ourselves that we have fat thighs, bingo wings, chunky calves, the list goes on!

self care stop loathing your body

How often do we tell ourselves that we have a fantastic butt, we have stunning eyes, or we have gorgeous boobs?   That’s right not often enough!!

But rather than focus purely on our physical attributes we should be focusing on a more holistic approach and considering our:

  • Inner Qualities
  • Unique Gifts
  • Blessings
  • Resources

Focus on our positive attributes physical, emotional and spiritual to see how much better you feel.

Tip: Create a list of the above that apply to you.

If lists aren’t for you then perhaps you can do this as a collage or a mind map? It needs to be something you can refer to regularly.  Don’t just bury in a drawer!

 Stop Comparing!

This is another human trait, which we frequently exercise and women tend to practice more than men.   We believe that others look better, slimmer, and prettier or have more style than we do ourselves.

self care is not comparing yourself to others

We will be looking at other women with rose tinted spectacles and glaring at ourselves in the fat mirror!!

It’s very easy to say stop but much harder to break a destructive habit. I suggest you try to write down three nice memories at the end of each day.

It doesn’t have to be about your wardrobe, but as we’re focusing on self care and your wardrobe it could be a good place to start!

For example: perhaps you wore a favourite necklace and someone paid you a complement about it.

Tip: try this for a week and see if you notice a difference in how you feel about yourself and how you feel in comparison to others.

 Dress for Now!

Hands up anyone who has put off going shopping because they don’t love their bodies?

We justify our decision by telling ourselves that we’re just going to slim down a dress size, or we are going to lose weight.


Investing in new clothes can be a great incentive to losing weight or getting in shape. BUT if you have a weight loss goal that may take some time to achieve you owe it to yourself to look and feel fantastic while you are losing weight.

Be honest with yourself – are you reluctant to go shopping because you may need a bigger size?

Many women (myself included) struggle to admit we need a bigger size.

I’ve left clothes on the rails because I couldn’t get into size 8 and would have to buy a 10! Over time I’ve learnt to accept that correct fit is much more important than size.

 Tip: Lumps and bumps show – unlike labels. If it helps you then cut the size label out!

You are worth full price!

How often do you find yourself gravitating to the sale rail when you first enter a store?

self care do not buy bargains

Hands up from me again as I used to do this every time I went shopping!

This wasn’t about budget or bargain hunting (though I might have justified my actions that way!).  I really was not practising self care but the subliminal message was that I was not worth full price.

How often do you find that reduced price item still lurking at the back of your wardrobe months, even years later unloved and unworn?

You may be very lucky and find a genuine bargain but the primary reason that items are reduced is because they haven’t sold at full price. Retailers are discounting to shift stock, not because they want to be generous!

 Tip: If you only shop from reduced items you’ll find yourself compromising.

You may accept that the colour or style is not right but it’s a bargain. Guess what you will not feel or look fantastic when you wear that outfit.

 Stop saving it for best!

How many of us buy something that we love, looks amazing and then we don’t wear it.

We tell ourselves that we are waiting for the right occasion or it was expensive, so we’ll keep it for best.

I am not suggesting that you wear a sequin dress to do the weekly supermarket shop (although it could be fun with a friend and a camera!).

self care is about self love

But if you buy something you really love and makes you look and feel fantastic then maximize your investment!  Practising self care means  treating yourself with love and respect.

If it’s a top or pair of trousers find as many ways to pair it up as possible!   A dress? Then accessorize using different jewellery or scarves.

I love wearing maxi dresses in the summer and my favourite is a clingy grey number that always makes me feel sexy.

I wear with heels and suede fringed jacket for smart look; denim jacket, bright chunky jewellery and flats for a boho style or on it’s own with a scarf.

 Tip: Start creating and stop denying yourself – you are worth it!

self care love yourself

I hope that this post has given you a flavour of how you can practise self care with your wardrobe.   Give my tips a try and see if it makes a difference.  I’d love to hear from you if you find any of my tips work or if you’d like to offer some of the ways you practise self care with your wardrobe.

If you need to practise some self care and learn to love yourself I’ve created this free template to help you.  Why not download it today?