A Pile Of Clutter Gave Me The Inspiration For Repurposing Jewellery

When the pile of ‘stuff’’ piled on the blanket box finally tumbled off burying the lurcher crashed out on the floor, it was a guilty Mum moment!  decluttering procrastination

The de-cluttering session I’d been procrastinating about for months couldn’t wait any longer.

Once I get my teeth into de-cluttering I actually really enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong I always love helping clients de-clutter their own wardrobes, but my own toot? That’s a different story and BTW this was not my wardrobe.

However, I do keep my costume jewellery in the spare room. I’d let my jewellery stand get to tottering stage and if said Lurcher had been lying underneath…

Evidently I needed a good sort through and found an embarrassing number of pieces I’d been meaning to get round to fixing but had never quite got there!   No wonder I rotate the same three or four necklaces so often!

So I decided to search online for some inspiration by typing in repurposing jewellery.   Wow! I’m now planning to have so much fun! …

Earrings To Necklaces

How many earrings have you thrown out when you’ve lost one of a pair?   Or more likely how many odd earrings do you have that you haven’t quite got round to throwing out?

A few years ago, I started to wear odd earrings. It was more about my quirky style personality than consciously thinking that it was a good use for odd earrings, but it serves a dual purpose for me!

But if odd earrings are not your style, then perhaps turning a single earring into a necklace would be an option?

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide



How To Up-cycle A Leather Belt

Repurposing Jewellery Leather Belt To Cuff

Image Courtesy of The Sits Girls

What a brilliant idea for a tired leather belt. I’m going to be scouring the charity shops for belts now!

This post gives you a step-by-step guide to turning the end of a leather belt into a cuff in a few easy steps.

BTW I just love the idea of reupholstering an old footstool with leather belts as shown in this post

But if you have a tooled and punched leather belt why not go one step further and turn this into a beaded beauty?

Or add a brooch or decorative buttons. Use the punched holes as a tapestry board and sew with coloured threads.

Repurposing Jewellery Denim Cuff

Courtesy Of Denim ReDooz Etsy

Denim Up-cycling

This has got to be my favourite though. When your jeans or denim jacket are past their sell-by date … upcycle!

You can use a number of parts and find lots of repurposing jewellery ideas

  • Cuff of a denim jacket or shirt
  • Bottom of the legs of skinny jeans
  • Section of waistline

Simply sew on some beads from a broken necklace, some scraps of lace an old brooch or pendant.

But I’m wishing I hadn’t searched for repurposing old jeans… I’ve now set up a Pinterest board for the great ideas and been shopping on eBay for Denim Jackets!.


Don’t Chuck Out Your Zips

So you’re about to chuck out that piece of clothing, which is ruined and not fit for recycling? Don’t! Well at least not before removing the zip.

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of zip jewellery? Well I’ll let you into a secret – neither had I until I was researching for this blog.

There are some fabulously creative people out there who have turned simple zips into awesome and unique pieces of jewellery.

While this tutorial doesn’t use recycled materials it’s a great way to see how to make a simple zip bracelet

repurposing jewellery zipper necklace

Image Courtesy Of Bling Beaded Baubles

I’ve also got to try this idea of sewing beads on to a zipper tape to create an amazing necklace. You can use up old necklaces to do this

Kitchen Utensils To Jewellery

Why stop at up-cycling broken jewellery or re-purposing jeans belts or zips when you’ve got cutlery!

This involves a bit more equipment and you may need a few items to practice on but why not give it a go? I’ve posted a link to a series of videos here that run on from each other.

But if you are inspired then I’d suggest taking a look at the comments below the videos as they give advice on what materials work most effectively.

I first saw spoon and fork jewellery a couple of years ago and thought that it was a great idea.

The Downright Bizarre! Bra Wires Into Necklaces!!

Repurposing Jewellery Bra Wires Into Necklaces

Image Courtesy Of Little Treasures Blogspot

This has got to be the most inventive idea I’ve come across to date!

Using bra wires, crochet wool and whatever else takes your imagination!

As you’ve heard me say before it is essential not only to wear the correct fitting bra but also to replace regularly.   If you wear bras with wires then this project might be one you want to try.

This website has some good ideas as well as easy to follow instructions.


What About Those Inherited Pieces?

You may have inherited costume jewellery from older relatives, which you like but is either not really your style or looks too dated.   Or perhaps you simply don’t want to throw away as they have sentimental value?

If you don’t want to tackle these yourself I would look round for someone who has the skills to do this.

Particularly if there is any value in your inherited pieces, languishing in a drawer is one thing but how upsetting would it be to make a mess of doing this and ruining the jewellery?

An amazing jewellery maker that I know, Sarah Dorans, offers this service.


So I hope you’re inspired? I know that I am! I also appreciate that the only limitation now is my imagination!

Pinterest and YouTube would have me believe that I’m late to the party on this one! Maybe you’ve done some up cycling, or are an expert at repurposing jewellery?

If you have done any fabulous projects I’d love to hear about your creations and if you’d like to share some photos on Facebook? If you haven’t given this a go why not have a fun afternoon just playing?

Please share in the comments below.