What better time to show off your beautiful body than when you are pregnant?

You do believe your body is beautiful?

Sadly 80% of women struggle with their body image when they are pregnant.

If you are pregnant and suffer from body confidence issues you may be consumed with guilt and anxiety.

  1. Guilt because you should be celebrating the miracle of new life growing inside you. However instead you’re just worried about your own body image.
  2. Anxiety that these negative feelings may transpire into resentment towards your baby. You may not love your baby as you feel you should because he or she has caused these changes to your body.

It’s important to acknowledge that these feelings are normal and that you’re not going to be a bad mother because you have these emotions.

woman pregnant body confidence

Having a maternity wardrobe that helps you to look and feel fantastic is a great way to improve your body image.  If you feel you look dowdy or frumpy when you are pregnant your body confidence is not going to be at its highest!

To help you I’ve compiled my five top tips to help you with your maternity wardrobe.

1. Underneath It All!

The most important item in your pregnancy wardrobe will be your maternity bras.   You want the maximum comfort and support for your growing tender breasts.

I would strongly recommend that you go to a lingerie specialist and have a proper fitting and get advice on the styles that are right for you.

You will want to consider looking as you start to outgrow your current bras.   This may be around 8-10 weeks but will vary between women.

Sleeping bras can also be a good investment to give you more support and comfort at night.

As for pants you may wish to continue with your G-strings and good for you!

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to wear Bridget Jones Pants, there are alternatives which will help you to feel sexy and attractive.

You can elect for some pretty maternity thongs which sit under or over your bump, depending on what style you prefer.


2, Move Over Heels

If you are a heels devotee, unable to countenance a life without your stilettos, giving them up is going to be difficult. Heels may give you confidence and you may feel frumpy wearing flats. But you will be more comfortable.

There are also sound medical reasons why you should put your heels away:

  • The increase in your body weight and changes to your body shape change your centre of gravity. This means you walk less steadily.
  • Your pelvis becomes more flexible during pregnancy as hormone changes help to make your body ready to give birth. The downside is that you may suffer lower back pain. Wearing heels changes your posture and may exacerbate backache.

If you really cannot cope with life without heels then at least lower the inches or keep them for special occasions.   If you want to wear heels for an occasion then maybe take a pair of comfortable shoes too for backup!

3. Comfort – Embrace It!

This doesn’t mean you need to spend your pregnancy in leggings and a baggy top.

You want to be comfortable in your clothes and not distracted by what you’re wearing, so consider the following:

  1. Fabrics – stretchy jersey will be more comfortable than stiff fabrics.
  2. Keep it natural – your body temperature will rise during pregnancy, natural fibres will keep you cooler than synthetics
  3. Accessorize –you don’t have to sacrifice style – dress up those simple leggings and tops with bold accessories
  4. Avoid buying clothes such as jeans in a bigger size to accommodate your bump. Pregnancy jeans are designed to give you comfort and style.
  5. Pregnant during the colder months? If you don’t want to invest in a coat to sit over your bump – consider a poncho.
  6. Maternity Camis – great wardrobe staple over which you can add a draped jacket or loose chunky knit sweater

pregnant woman in bikini

4. Don’t Lose Your Style

You will have more confidence if you express your style personality.

Do you think you should be dressing differently now that you’re pregnant? Perhaps as a Mum to be you feel that you should dress a little more conservatively than your pre-pregnancy style. Hell no!

Let me offer you some examples, depending on your style type:

  1. If you are a glamour girl, then consider a jumpsuit or simple dress in plain dark fabrics with bold jewellery to show off your beautiful cleavage!
  2. If you’re more of a boho romantic then maxi dresses will be perfect for you.  Look for Empire Line and for a bit of boho meets rock chick add a  leather jacket to finish the look
  3. Prefer a more natural style?  Then consider a boyfriend shirt or a long sleeveless jacket over a cami top and jeans.

pregnant woman

5. Before You Go Shopping…

Think about your lifestyle.   Remember your wardrobe needs to work for you and not the other way round!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What time of year is your bump going to be at its largest?
  2. Do you have any occasions coming up that you need to plan for?
  3. What items in your wardrobe can you still wear during pregnancy?
  4. What is your dress code at work?
  5. Where are the gaps in your wardrobe?
  6. If you are working out consider maternity gym wear
  7. Do you want to be able to wear your maternity wear post partum?
  8. Will you be going on holiday with a bump?
  9. What’s your budget?

Now compile a list or a vision board whichever works for you! Think about what you need before you hit the shops or Internet!

First stop will be to get your maternity lingerie fitted.   There are a lot of national department stores who offer a bra fitting service.   In my own experience I’ve found independent lingerie boutiques to be the most helpful.    My advice is to check out with friends or mums & bumps groups to find out who they recommend in your area.

There are lots of brands that offer maternity clothes.  Some of the high street brands have been criticized for being too frumpy. There are notable exceptions including Topshop who offer a more modern approach on maternity wear.

If Topshop is not your style there are some fabulous collections such as US Brand Hatch available in UK on Net A Porter. This brand is more expensive but the clothes can be styled to wear long after pregnancy.

Seraphine offer a boutique style and have a fabulous section on party wear – glamorous dresses to show off your bump!  Seraphim also offers a good range of workwear if you need to look smart during working hours.




If you have experience of putting together a wardrobe when you were pregnant do you have any tips for mums to be about their wardrobe?  If so I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.