Personal Colour Analysis

The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you

Coco Chanel

Personal Colour Analysis Consultation

Wearing the right colours means your features stand out and you have a healthy glow. People look directly into our eyes  and are subconsciously attracted to our glow – or what is referred to as the ‘halo of colour’! Unless you have had a personal colour analysis done before, then I will always recommend we start right here. 

The colour analysis consultation takes approximately 45 minutes. We can either do this at your home or from my consultation room in Hitchin.

How do I know if I am wearing the wrong colours?

You won’t necessarily know you are wearing the wrong colours. However, the colours you are wearing may not feel right. Why? Because the colours may overwhelm us. 

Alternatively we may look tired or unwell. Have you ever been asked if you’re feeling okay, but until that point you’d been feeling fine? What’s your reaction? Do you surreptitiously start feeling your forehead? Or do you make an excuse to disappear to the loo and poke your tongue in the mirror?

Well, don’t – chances are that you’re simply wearing the wrong colours! And that’s where a personal colour analysis can help. The right colours can make you look more radiant. Wearing the right colours will also have what I call a 3-D effect (you won’t find that in any styling manuals). What I mean is that the right colours make your features stand out but the wrong colours will have a flattening (or 2-D effect).

Will I have to buy a new wardrobe?

The primary question my clients have before a colour analysis is ‘will I have to buy a new wardrobe?’ No.  This simply isn’t the case and there are two reasons for that:

  • While you may not have everything right, chances are that you’ll have been attracted to the right colours for at least 50% of the time.  But please don’t assume that means 50% of your wardrobe needs to head to the charity shop!
  • It is okay to wear the wrong colours!  But the rule is that you shouldn’t wear them right next to your face.

Take me for example – I love wearing black. It’s striking and I feel good.  As a self- confessed dyed blond who loves fake tan, I also love black!

I overcome the fact that I can look washed out with black by wearing a striking necklace or a scarf in the right colours. This has the effect of distracting from the black and diluting its impact. 

Shopping is so much easier after doing a personal colour analysis

You will look fabulous and feel fantastic by wearing the right colours. But the benefits are much greater than that! It makes shopping so much easier. You can simply disregard rails full of clothes because they are not in your colours.  Also, if you prefer to shop in charity shops with a diverse range of stock knowing your colours will help you to focus.

Another benefit is that you won’t make costly mistakes of buying clothes in the wrong colours. Not only will you save money but you’re not buying clothes that will just end up lurking in your wardrobe. You know those items that you put on and take one look in the mirror before taking off again. Not sure what’s wrong but knowing they’re not quite right? More often than not it’s because they’re in the wrong colours.

However, it’s also worth explaining that most people can wear most colours. It’s about finding the right shade and tone for you when you have your colours analysed.

What happens with a personal colour analysis?

 A personal colour analysis will determine your seasonal colour palette.

I will first check to see if you are a warm or cool palette. This I do by primarily considering the undertone of your skin. This is not the presenting colour that we can see.

Our undertone is made up of a combination of melatonin, carotene and haemoglobin. It’s genetic and doesn’t change. Although as you age stronger colours may be a bit overwhelming. A tan or fake tan doesn’t impact your undertone or your palette, but allows you to wear slightly stronger colours.

Then I will analyse if you are best suited to bright or muted colours. From this I can determine what colour palette looks best on you.  

I’m often asked if hair colour impacts your colour palette. To some degree,  yes.  Your undertone and natural hair colour are genetic, so there will be a link.  If you dye your hair you will still be the same colour palette but you may find that some colours work better than others. Equally if you allow your hair to go grey, then you may notice changes within your palette.

We will then look in more detail at the colours in your palette. You will receive a handbag-sized swatch that you can use when you do shop.

Then we will look at some colour mixing options. Experimenting with colour can be quite scary for some people. Whenever I work with a client on her wardrobe, I always hear ‘I’d have never thought of wearing those colours together, but they work’. Once you start to experiment with colour it gets easier, like anything practise makes perfect! I will show you an app you can download to help you get used to using colour.

Once you’ve had your colours analysed, I would  highly recommend considering the wardrobe management consultation to revamp your wardrobe or a style consultation to discover your unique style DNA. I also offer a half-day VIP style package, which is a great way of doing all three of my services in one go.