Online Colour Analysis

Virtual Colour Analysis

Can you do a colour analysis online?

An online colour analysis works as well as an in-person colour consultation. The main difference is that you will send me some images (I give you instructions as to what I need), and I prepare for our consultation in advance. Then we spend around 45 minutes together online, while I show you the results and we talk about what this means for you.

Why Does Colour Matter?

If you wear the right colours you exude a healthy look. Others are attracted to looking directly into our eyes and paying attention to what we are saying. They are not distracted by the colours we are wearing.

Once I’ve determined your colour palette, I look for some examples of clothes, in your colours; currently available at your favourite places to shop.

What Happens If I Wear The Wrong Colours?

If you wear colours that don’t work for you there are a few things that might happen. You might look washed out pale and tired.

Alternatively the colours may overwhelm you. This means you are not in balance with the colours you are wearing. This can be really distracting for someone you are engaging with in conversation as they may not focus on what you are saying.

You can also look a little jaundiced wearing the wrong colours.

None of this is a great look and wearing the right colours can make such a difference to your appearance. Your features stand out and your eyes sparkle.

I Cannot Afford To Buy A New Wardrobe

The most common concern from my clients before an online colour analysis is that they will have to throw out all of their clothes and start again. This is absolutely not necessary and here’s why:

  • If you have colours in your wardrobe that are not in your palette and will not be worn close to your face, it doesn’t matter that they are in the wrong colours for you. What is important are the colours next to your face.
  • Even if you have colours in your wardrobe that are not in your palette and you wear close to your face, I will show you how to use accessories to draw attention away from those colours and put the right colour next to your skin.

What I do say to my clients that when it comes to replacing items in your wardrobe, look for items in your colour palette. Eventually as you replace older items you will have more options in the right colours and for mixing and matching outfits.

You Don’t Waste Time And Money Shopping

When you do shop, knowing your colours makes it much easier as you can simply look at items that are in your colour palette. This applies as much to online shopping as well as in store. It makes it simpler and you save time browsing.

You will save money when you are shopping, as you won’t be wasting money on items in the wrong colours. The items that whenever you try them on and look in the mirror something’s not quite right? So you end up taking them off again and hanging them up, unworn.

What happens with an online colour analysis?

When you decide to work with me for an online colour analysis I will ask you to send me some photographs (I will let you know what I need), answer a short questionnaire and then I can prepare for our consultation.

I will then use your photographs to help me decide which season you are. Very much like an in-person analysis I will do this by looking at the undertone of your skin. I put your photograph into a template of pantone colours, comparing how you look in certain colours.

I’m looking for balance between you and the colours.

I want to see if the colours complement your natural colouring. Some colours will enhance your features and make your eyes stand out. Others have what I call a flattening effect and your face will lose some definition.

This is as obvious in an online presentation as it is face to face.

Once I’ve determined your colour palette, I look for some examples of clothes, in your colours; currently available at your favourite places to shop.

We then arrange a meeting online so that we can go through the presentation. I will share with you how I’ve reached my conclusions. We will then discuss your colours in more detail, relating to hair colour, jewellery and make up.

I will show you your swatch and will also offer you some ideas on how to mix and match colours.

We look at the examples of clothes that I’ve found in your colours so you get a sense of what to look for when you’re shopping.

Then you will have an opportunity to show me some clothes and accessories to see how they work in terms of your palette. If they are not in your colours then I’ll give you some suggestions on how to make them work.

After our consultation I will email you a copy of the presentation and send your swatch out in the post.