Online Style Consultation

Virtual Style Consultation

is it possible to do a style consultation online?

An online style consultation works really well and you will receive exactly the same benefits as an in-person consultation. It is different in so far as you will complete a questionnaire in advance and send me some photographs. This allows me to prepare for our consultation, which will generally last for about 75 minutes.

What Is A Style Consultation Going To Give Me?

An online style consultation will help you to look and feel fabulous when you get dressed. It will empower you to feel confident about your wardrobe choices.

We all have amazing unique bodies and an online style consultation will show you how to make the best of yours. I will show you how to focus on the bits you love and downplay those bits you’re not so keen on.

If you’re still not sure think about it as a toolkit of ideas you can put into practise when you get dressed.

Where Do We Begin With An Online Style Consultation?

We will look at how you want the world to see you, your personality and what that means in terms of your clothes.

We will explore how you want to show up in the world, this is your style DNA and is really a reflection of who you are and the clothes you’re attracted to wearing.

Some of my clients say but I show off different parts of my personality according to what I’m doing. Well this may be true, you may wish to be more serious in a work situation than at home, for example.

But your choice of clothes for your activities will still reflect who you are and if you are not being true to yourself this will also show up. An online style consultation will help you to be consistent in the way you dress, so choosing your clothes becomes so much easier.

We will consider your body shape, scale and proportion to determine what styles to look for and what to avoid.

Do You Have Any Barriers To Expressing Yourself?

We will consider any barriers you may be putting up, consciously or subconsciously that are stopping you from expressing your true sense of style.

We may struggle with spending money on ourselves. Then when we do spend money, we don’t wear those really nice pieces, but instead save them for best! Or maybe we do invest the money but are disappointed. That item doesn’t make us feel as good as we’d hoped, which can often be remedied by the way we style it. Whatever those barriers are I will show you ways to overcome them and feel really great about your clothes.

Always Start From A Position Of Love!

As we consider your awesome body, we will focus on what you love about your body and also note what you are not so keen on. Most women have perfected the art form of criticising ourselves and focusing on what we don’t love! This means we’re constantly starting from a place of lack and negativity. So by starting from a position of what you love about yourself we’re already in a much better place.

We will look at what you struggle with when you are shopping and what you find easy to buy. This enables me to build a picture to offer the best advice on how to dress and shop in the future.

You will look fantastic when you understand what suits you and dress accordingly. Equally when you know what styles to avoid this will help you to stop making clothing mistakes.

What Happens With An Online Style Consultation?

When you book your online style consultation, I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire and to send me some photos. 

I will then use this information to determine your body shape, scale and proportion. This will help me to put together a style guide for you. Showing you what styles to look for and what to avoid by garment type. 

From the photographs you send me, I will analyse your face shape, so that I can give you guidance on hair styles, accessories and what shape glasses frames to consider. Being a stylist is a bit like being a magician. I will share with you the fabulous tricks you can use to create wardrobe magic to guide peoples’ eyes to what you want them to see.

We will look at accessories, how to choose and use them to enhance and flatter your body (from earrings, to handbags and belts). Accessories can add so much to creating more outfits from a small selection of clothes. I love accessories; they are such a fantastic way to create more outfits from fewer clothes. But I find that many women simply don’t consider them when putting an outfit together.

When we meet online, I will be able to present you with the information as your unique style file. We will go through it step by step, so that you can ask me any questions and I can check that it all makes sense to you.

Following our consultation I send you the presentation showing you exactly what works for you and what to avoid.


Your online style consultation will take around 75 minutes and we will go through the work I’ve done in advance. You’re also welcome to show me a small selection of clothing you are not sure about, so I can give you some advice one whether to keep or let go.

If you haven’t had your colours analysed I strongly recommend that we do this at the same time, which we can also do through my online colour analysis session