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“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”

Oscar De La Renta

Accessorise with Style and Confidence


Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it!  But if you’re confident about choosing and wearing accessories it’s easy to create more outfits from fewer clothes.   Accessorise with style and confidence is a complete guide to help you maximise the potential of accessories. Click on the headings below to find out more

How accessories can transform an outfit

A scarf, necklace or belt can totally transform the look of an outfit.

Jewellery is a great way of turning an outfit from day to night. Perfect if you’re heading out straight from a meeting and don’t want to pack a change of clothes.   Equally jewellery can be used to make a smart dress look more casual.  Think bright coloured beads in wood or other funky materials for example.

Earrings can enhance your face shape and dress up an otherwise plain outfit.  Add some sparkly earrings to T-shirt, jeans and a jacket and you’ll look totally dressed up.  If like me you cannot be trusted to keep a pair intact, why not choose odd earrings and see if anyone notices!  It’s a great way to accessorise with style!

Wear a belt to change the look of a blouse or dress.  Worried you’ve got too many lumps and bumps to wear a belt?  There are very few women who can’t wear a belt (seriously).  You will enhance your curves and create a different look simply by choosing the right style and wearing it in the right place on your body.

How Confident are you about Accessories?

However we are not all super confident about accessories, as a recent survey I ran showed.   Over 25% of women aren’t sure what to do with scarves and jewellery. Only 13 % are confident about wearing belts and 62% are not sure about choosing glasses.

As someone who adores accessories I wanted to de-mystify choosing and wearing jewellery, glasses, scarves, belts etc. This is why I launched Accessorise With Style & Confidence.  An online course which offers a head to toe guide to how to accessorise.

We explore the key considerations when choosing accessories from body shape, to face shape as well as your own personality.

Then taking each major accessory group in turn we look at the key points to consider for each type of accessory.

We look at how the line of your eyebrows plays a part in selecting the best style of glasses.  Let’s face it if you are investing in glasses, you also want them to look good!

Understand how scarves can make you look taller, learn simple ways to tie scarves that look a bit different.    Understand why your wrist circumference and shoe size should be considered when selecting a new handbag!  Learn how to use necklaces to change your height.

Once you’ve learnt the theory I’ll guarantee that you’ll start to accessorise with style and confidence.

Accessorise with style, buying without breaking the bank

You don’t need to spend a fortune to start playing around with accessories.   Of course you can spend a lot of money, but personally I’d rather have fun playing with some pre-loved bargains.

A visit to your local charity shop can be a great way to add a few necklaces, scarves and belts to your collection.  My two favourite handbags were bought via Facebook for a photo shoot, which is another place to search and hunt down bargains.

If you want a designer bag at a bargain price then take a look at pre-loved boutiques and online resale sites. But can I just offer you a quick tip on this? It might sound obvious but always check the size of the bag.  I’ve got very close to buying a bag online because I’ve loved the look.  But then realised it’s about a ¼ of the size I’m looking for!   I’ve been carried away by a close up photo!

Once you understand the basics of what shapes to look for and the colours that suit you best you can start buying with confidence.   Buying second hand is a great way to experiment with accessories and start adding them as part of your every day wardrobe.

Minimum Wardrobe, Maximum Style

Would you love to be free from wardrobe overwhelm?

Do you struggle to decide what to wear every morning?  Despite a wardrobe full of clothes nothing feels or looks right? Would you love a collection of clothes you know make you look awesome.   You will feel confident whatever you wear in any situation because every outfit is an expression of your style. Click on the headings below to find out more

Do you suffer from wardrobe overwhelm?

Is your morning routine a nightmare?

Despite a wardrobe full of clothes you never have anything to wear?

Getting dressed is exhausting: too much choice means you can’t make decisions?

You have a suspicious number of items in your wardrobe with the price tags still on?

Your response to an invitation is to buy something new without checking your wardrobe?

You’re worried about climate change, but not sure how this relates to your wardrobe?

This is wardrobe overwhelm!  The paradox of having too many choices means it’s difficult to make decisions.  When we do make a decision we often worry that it’s wrong.

Want a wardrobe that reflects you and your needs?

Learn how to create a wardrobe full of clothes you know make you look awesome.   You will feel confident whatever you wear in any situation because every outfit is an expression of your style.  Your wardrobe will only contain items that work together to make outfits.  You can wave goodbye to a disjointed selection of clothes.

My program Minimum Wardrobe Maximum Style will take you from wardrobe overwhelm to wardrobe nirvana in just 8 weeks.

What is a minimal wardrobe?

A Minimal Wardrobe is about developing a less is more approach to your wardrobe.

It’s also about being mindful about your buying choices.    Only shopping when you need to and buying items you really love and will work with your wardrobe.

A less is more approach doesn’t mean you have to live within a restrictive framework depriving yourself.  It’s the very opposite and means freedom from:

Guilt about the number of clothes in your wardrobe you never wear

Exhaustion- deciding what to wear when you have too many clothes can be exhausting.  We suffer from wardrobe overwhelm when we have too many items to chose from.

Perfectionism- looking for that perfect outfit online or offline without considering what you may have in your wardrobe that would do perfectly.


Apart from giving you freedom a minimal wardrobe maximum style approach will save you money by adapting a more intention based approach to shopping.

Buying less is kinder to the planet.   Every year the fashion industry produces 14 items of clothing for every person on the planet; within a year of being made 60% ends up in landfill.

A Minimal Wardrobe is an eco-conscious sanity saving solution to the problem ‘I’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear’.

What is maximum style?

Maximum style is when you feel that your clothes truly express who you are.

Every outfit you put together is with clothes that you love, because that’s all you have in your wardrobe. You no longer have that feeling of wardrobe overwhelm and you’re back in control of your sense of style.

Each time you get dressed you look and feel fabulous.   You feel confident and empowered by your choice of clothes.

You know that you can mix and match your items to create outfits with ease.

What will I learn on the program?

Define your style

Identify your key ‘go to’ outfits

Declutter your wardrobe and say goodbye to wardrobe overwhelm

Develop your personalised Minimal Wardrobe in a way that works for you!

Learn how to shop with intention

Consider alternative options to buying new clothes

Care for your clothes so that they last longer

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