How do you discover your unique style personality?

Google “My Style Personality” and you have 578,000,000 results to choose from!  On the first page alone there are a plethora of online quizzes designed to help you determine your unique style personality. 

Most of the quizzes are multiple choice and your answers will determine your unique style personality from the boxes you tick.  This usually means making compromises – where you are weighing up the one that most closely resembles your choice. 

I much prefer to start with an ‘almost’ blank sheet of paper.  I say almost because starting with a blank sheet of paper can be overwhelming for many women who want to identify their unique style personality. 

So I start with a list of words and ask clients to pick between three and five words that resonate most with them.  These are words they would use to describe themselves.    If they want to add words that I’ve not included that’s absolutely fine and gives much more scope to this exercise. 

How do you want to show up?   

When I work with clients this is where we always start.  Who are they?  How would they define themselves?  I give them a list of words and ask them to select 3-5 that really resonate with them and how they see themselves.  

I will demonstrate this with my own style keywords.  When I did this with students on a programme, I ran last year, I put this up on the screen.  Someone pointed out I’d put quirky in twice.  It had been a typo and so I went to amend it, but was told ‘no’ we think that you are double quirky!  It stuck!   Other people’s opinions matter! 

The most common question is how does this work as I have different looks according to the activities I undertake?  Of course that’s true but you are still the same person whatever activities you are doing.   You will still want to show up as your unique style personality. 

my unique style personality

Understand Your Favourite Clothes/outfits 


Take your favourite outfit or items of clothing – study them.  I don’t mean give them a cursory glance – I mean really look at them, try them on – how do they make you feel?

What narrative are you creating?  Many people you would regard as stylish are creating a narrative with their clothes and telling a story. 

But most important what is it about your favourite outfit or items of clothing?  What do you really love?  Get to the bottom of this and you will be able to apply this to your unique style persona.

It can be a range of things:

  1. Colour
  2. Shape
  3. Fit
  4. Fabric – texture, print/pattern – the way it feels against your skin
  5. How it feels when you wear it – the rustle of a skirt, the way a dress moves when you walk,
  6. The combination of certain clothes to make a particular outfit – you just feel really ‘you’ when you wear it.
  7. Compliments you receive when you wear it – affirmation from others is re-enforcing what you believe
  8. Memories evoked

Do this for every item/outfit you love wearing. 

Notice the commonalities.   Now it’s my bet that the items you love wearing also reflect your values and personality.  They are clothes that really express who you are.

Can you start to see in those clothes the words that defined your unique style personality? 

Finally Look At Your Least Favourite Outfits or Items

Give these items the same amount of scrutiny you have just given your favourite items.  BTW you may find yourself creating a decluttering pile! 

 It’s my bet that you will not find many of those style words you identified in the first part of the exercise in your least favourite items.  

My bet is that the items you don’t really like are not a reflection of your unique style personality.   When you put them on and look at yourself, they somehow just don’t look right. 

Sometimes this happens with items that you’ve received from a well-meaning friend or relative.  You don’t like to say no and feel that perhaps they see something in the item that you don’t.  

Or perhaps they were items you bought on a whim to try something different.  Maybe you bought purely on price – they were such a bargain!

 By doing these exercises and combining them with the tips I gave you last week, you will be able to start consciously defining your unique style personality. 

your least favourite outfits

How Can I Help You?

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