There’s still a couple of weeks until the children return to school but the latest fashion trends are now starting to arrive in retail.

Websites and social media sites are showcasing the latest fashion trends, while summer styles in bricks and mortar are giving way to the latest fashion trends at front of store.  Sleeves are getting longer, colours darker and fabrics are getting warmer. We’re kissing goodbye to summer and heading towards autumnal colours and then on to the party season.

But what does this mean for your wardrobe? The first thing is use the latest fashion trends as a reference point. What’s ‘in fashion’ should not be your key buying motivator.   Always think about what will help you to look good and feel fantastic, not being a slave to the latest fashion trends. However, it’s useful to know what are the latest fashion trends, to help you understand what you’re likely to find in the shops and how you can adapt this to suit your shape and style.

This post is going to explore the latest fashion trends, and talk more specifically about colour, print and fabric. I will follow this with subsequent posts looking at shape with different items of clothing, showing how this can work and what challenges there might be with some styles.

Nostalgia with a Modern Twist


During the summer there’s been a definite 1970s feel and this continues into the latest fashion trends for Autumn. It translates into a South American influence with blanket coats and ponchos, or Eastern European Folk and Boho styles.


Power shoulders are back, along with ruffles and big belts. Luckily they are not accompanied by an obligatory perm!

Fabric and Texture

Pile it On!

Fluffy, colourful, the bigger and shaggier the better!   Fake fur is going to be everywhere this season!


A luxury look which works well for the party season and for smart jackets particularly to liven up plain and muted neutral colours.


Luxury texture that works well with 1980s styles and is also works teamed with brocade fabrics or 1970s folk look.



Classic and uplifting for the darker months, working well with blacks and grey. Depending on the tone and shade everyone can wear red.


Winter pastels have been around for a couple of seasons and they are still popular. Pinks, purples and blues look fabulous with darker colours to provide contrast. If you suit deep intense colours, be sure to wear stronger colours close to your skin.

Brown, while not quite the new black, is a really strong choice this year, which fits with the 1970s styles which are being revived with a 2015 look and feel.
Brown is great if you are an Autumn colour palette but for those of us with cool undertones look for other neutrals such as charcoal grey and dark blues. Those with a muted warm colour palette (Spring) will find camel a good choice for neutrals.


Check Mate!

Houndstooth, Plaid and some Tartan make an appearance this year. Suited to the textured wool fabrics that are really popular.

Geometric Abstract and Bold

It will be interesting to see how the bold designs seen on the catwalk translate to what women want to buy and wear as bold geometrics look great but they need to be the right size and scale for the wearer.


Winter florals are still popular and either taking influence from the Folk Eastern European look or the rich brocade designs – think curtains in grand houses!

How to Make the Latest Fashion Trends Work for You!

Having explored the big picture look out for my next post on latest fashion trends and the key shapes and styles for you.