What does photography have to do with styling?  I’ve decided to revitalise my inspiring women series of blogs but to update them to include vlogs.   I love doing them and I hope you enjoy engaging with them.


Behind The Scenes At Ufurria Photoshoot with Chio Fernandez

I caught up with Chio Fernandez over a coffee a few weeks ago.  We don’t have time to meet very often as we’re both so busy, but the energy is always incredible when we do get together and catch up on each others news.    Chio’s business is forever evolving and gets more exciting every time she enters another chapter.   She always has new ideas about how to tell stories with a lens regardless of the subject.  She works with some big brands like Amazon, Air BnB and is a brand ambassador for FujiFilms, but is also passionate about working with new and innovative brands.

Contagious Passion!

Chio’s passion for telling stories with a lens is contagious.  It’s the reason I love working with her on photoshoots.   We have worked together at least four times and the results have always been amazing and everyone’s had fun.  Chio also shares my passion for diversity and inclusivity.  When I was involved with Models of Diversity Fashion Show she willingly gave up her Saturday to come along and capture the event.

As a brand ambassador for FujiFilms Chio also uses her role to speak at events, such as the Photography Show.  She is passionate about inspiring women to push themselves forward in photography.   Chio believes that women don’t get the recognition they deserve, particularly in photography, because they struggle to self-promote.  Women are more likely to suffer from self-doubt and imposter syndrome.    I will let her explain this in more detail in our interview.

Check out some of Chio’s fabulous work on her website

Inspiring Women Models Of Diversity Fashion Show

Models Of Diversity – image by Chio Photography

Calling All Inspiring Women!

We are all inspiring women.  This is a bold statement and one that I truly believe.  We have role models and people that we look up to, but we should also look inwardly and reflect on our own journeys from time to time.

If you would like to be part of my Inspiring Women series of Blogs or Vlogs I’d love to hear from you.  Just complete the form below. Even if you don’t feel that you are inspiring why not let others help you to see that you are just incredibly awesome!



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