Styling Sessions

Styling in Person

Hertfordshire and beyond

Once we can safely meet again inside each other’s houses I am looking forward to delivering my in-person styling services to clients living in Herts, Beds, Bucks, Essex and Cambs.

My in-person styling services have many benefits and allow me, if you choose the wardrobe service, to help you go through your wardrobe in detail.

For our consultations I can either come to your home or for the colour and style consultations you are more than welcome to come to my home in North Hertfordshire.


Personal Colour Analysis 

Why start with colour analysis?

If you are not sure where to begin I would always recommend we start with your colours. Colour is the first thing that people notice and leaves a lasting impression.

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Style Consultation

what is it and why you need it

If you would like to know what styles work for you, your shape and your personality then I suggest we do an style consultation.

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Wardrobe Stylist

Making your wardrobe work for you

If you are comfortable with your colours and your style then I suggest we focus on your wardrobe. We will declutter the items that no longer serve you, consider the ‘maybe’ pile and I will make suggestions as to how you may be able to make these work. We will also go shopping in your own wardrobe creating new outfits from your existing clothes.

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VIP Package

what is it and why you need it

You can of course combine the three services and we will look at your colour, style and wardrobe as a half day package. This will give you a complete overview of what colours to wear, the styles to look for and a total review of your wardrobe.

If you’re not sure which service to choose or would simply like more information, why not book a 30-minute FREE discovery call with me? I’m happy to chat about what will work for you and answer any questions you may have.