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What does an image consultant do?

An image consultant will help you to show up as your unique identity. I’m Carol Hanson an image consultant based near Buckinghamshire. I launched my image consultancy in 2015 when I discovered that women want to feel more confident about their appearance but are not sure where to start. Based near Buckinghamshire I can work with you in person from my studio or come to you in your home. 

I can offer in-person styling services to include personal colour analysis, wardrobe management and style consultations

I also offer styling services online, if you prefer the convenience of an online consultation.

Image consultant Buckinghamshire with client during styling session at home

Work with me

In-Person Consultations

How I help my clients

I help women who may be feeling a bit lost when it comes to their image. This often happens when we reach our 40s and things start to change. Our body shape may have altered and we are often unsure what looks good. It is a period when we start to question what we can wear and what doesn’t look right.

Our wardrobes may be full but we are no longer sure what we own. You want to feel confident about your appearance. You are not bothered about fashion trends but you do want to look good. These are areas an image consultant can help you with.

Colour Analysis

Colour has a massive impact on our appearance and the way we feel about ourselves. The colours that really suit us, give us a healthy glow and we look really vibrant when we wear them. Equally the colours that don’t work for us will make us look unwell or overwhelm us. A personal colour analysis will define your colour palette and enable you to plan your outfits with confidence, knowing the colours you are wearing will make you look fabulous. While our colour palette doesn’t change, over time, some colours may not look as good as they did and this is quite natural. Find out more

Style Consultation

How do you want to show up? A style consultation will help you to explore your image and how you want to be seen. We will then consider what clothes in your wardrobe help you to feel and look authentic in terms of your identity. A style consultation focuses on ensuring you feel really confident whenever you get dressed. The sessions are approximately 90 minutes long and take place in your home Find out more

Wardrobe Management

Do you struggle to put together outfits from a bulging wardrobe? Perhaps you find yourself only wearing a handful of the clothes you own? If you are overwhelmed by your overflowing wardrobe, my wardrobe stylist consultation service is for you. We will look at everything in your wardrobe, item by item and decide what to keep and what to let go. We will work out what clothes really say “this is me” and let go of those that do not reflect who you are and how you want to show up. I will help you to create new outfits, in combinations you haven’t considered. If you’re ready to de-clutter this is the service for you.  Find out more

 VIP Style Package

Do you want to really nail your sense of style, the colours that work for you and sort your wardrobe once and for all? My VIP style package is a half day session which includes my three services. We look at your colours, styling and how to make your wardrobe work for you. This popular package is for anyone truly ready to embrace their sense of style.  Find out more

Address & directions

Buckinghamshire Image Consultant

Contact details:

Carol Hanson
Personal Image Consultant

Phone: +44 (0) 7971 638896



"Since getting rid of six bags of clothes, years of memories, beliefs I had and the best giggle I’ve had in ages, Carol has helped me to be free. Free to choose, free to feel happy in my clothes, free to fly! Thank you so much for your sensitive wisdom."


"What I love about Carol is how she puts clothes together. Her style is understated but always present. I thought I would like some of that for myself so asked her to do a style consultation. I highly recommend a session with Carol it’s both illuminating and fun."


"I have a much more exciting wardrobe now, as a result of working with Carol, and I know I can rely on her to help me dress in perfect style, no matter what the occasion. "


"This experience is so personal that I knew I needed the right person to take me through it. Carol is that person. Carol is knowledgeable, compassionate, confident, professional, caring, experienced, and fun to work with."


"Carol is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about colour, and what style of clothes suit different shapes, but, she helped me define my image – how I want to look and what this says about me."