Flouncy Sleevesflared half sleevesbatwing sleevesDo you dread the summer, as warmer weather means showing your arms? 

Many of us feel that our arms should remain safely hidden away, which is fine in winter, but let’s face it can get us hot and bothered in summer!

When women say ‘I hate my arms’ this isn’t just older women or those who are deliciously curvy, very slim women are often self-conscious about their arms being too thin.  Summer can be a miserable time for women who prefer long sleeves and covering up.

 While you are probably keen to have a longer term goal which will enable you to brazenly show off your lean and toned arms to anyone, this will require diet and exercise to improve your muscle tone, which despite the various claims is not a quick fix.    Building up muscle takes time and you need to be eating the right diet to help you grow your muscles. 

If you’re just thinking about this now, just weeks away from warmer weather and holidays, it’s too late to expect a radical change to your body shape even with an intense exercise program but the good news is that you can apply some simple styling tips to ensure you’re not worrying constantly about your arms, below are the 5 most common problems relating to your arms and suggestions for each.

 1. Heavy Upper Arms

Wearing ¾ or full length sleeves in draping rather than clinging fabrics is the ideal solution, if you are conscious of having heavy upper arms.  If you do want to wear shorter sleeves be mindful and do not wear cuffs or bands which will only draw attention to your arms.

2.  Large Bust & Heavy Upper Arms

Just be careful if you also have a large bust that your sleeve length should finish below your bust line.  Wearing sleeves that finish at your bust line will just have a widening effect, so wearing sleeves that finish below your bust line are more flattering.

3.  Wide shoulders and Narrow Waist

Typical features of an inverted triangle body shape, often found in women who work out a lot either by resistance training, including weights or swimming.

Avoid puff sleeves which will add more bulk and volume to your top half.    A halter neck will broaden your shoulders but if you are toned you may want to show off your defined shoulders

4. Narrow Shoulders and Small Bust

Classic Pear Shaped Body features, the trick here is to add volume to the top half.   Puff sleeve, cap sleeve, short flouncy sleeves are all great ways to create more volume on your top half and are all perfect partners for summer

5.  Athletic Body Shape Women with no Curves

Avoid fitted sleeves as these will just make you look more slender.  Batwing sleeves will look good to hide skinny arms but just be careful that the overall size of the top is not too large as this will overwhelm a slender figure.

Ultimately the solution to getting your arms in shape is regular exercise, and a healthy diet.  Many women are reluctant to lift weights as they do not want to bulk up, but did you know that lifting weights can be more effective than cardio exercises at burning calories and in particular fat, it can also help with bone density and cardiovascular fitness.  Ladies, let’s get pumping!