The one thing my community agrees on is “I do not want to look frumpy”. 

This brings a big warm smile to my face.  Why? Because it would be all too easy to adopt a look frumpy approach right now.   

At the time of writing here in the UK we’ve just gone into our 3rd lockdown, with tougher restrictions, schools are closed.  Plus it’s the beginning of January.  These are  reasons enough why our wardrobes might slip on our priority list right now.   

I do not want to look frumpy

But let me just explain now is exactly the time we should be focusing on ourselves and doing everything we can to make ourselves feel good. So here are my habits to avoid and tips of what to do!   

 One of the best ways to do this is to make certain we do not look frumpy and so avoid:


Loose Fitting Clothes On Both Top And Bottom

Do not wear loose fitting clothing on both your top and bottom.    That is a really sure-fire way to look frumpy.  You want to create some definition and show off your curves, ladies!

PS another good reason for wearing fitted clothing is that you’ll notice if it starts to feel tight!

Sweatpants Or Jogging Bottoms

Wearing sweatpants during the day when you’re working, unless you’re a fitness instructor, doesn’t put you in a ‘work mindset’.   It just says I don’t really care. 


If you’re home-schooling what message are your sweatpants sending out?  The one thing I heard from parents last year was about children not listening to them as they were home schooling.  If you’re teaching them in sweatpants are you surprised?

Shapeless or Worn-Out Clothes

Nothing screams louder than look frumpy than a faded top or badly fitting trousers.  The ones you know you should be on their way to the textile bin. 

Just because you’re working from home and do not have any online calls doesn’t make it okay.   If you chose to wear that scruffy jumper with the hole in the sleeve you normally wear to do the hoovering, guess what you’re most likely to end up doing!

Okay so I’ve given you the list of what not to do to avoid looking frumpy.  So what are my tips for staying stylish?

Apply Make-Up

Even if you are not going to see anyone face to face or online then apply make-up. 

It doesn’t need to be a full face, but just something to give you colour and definition.   My baseline is: eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara and bronzer.   When I have online meetings I add lipstick.  

Defining your lips and eyes creates a frame for your face and makes it easier for others to focus on what you’re saying. 


Woman applying make up
Add Accessories To Look Stylish

Add Accessories

A necklace, scarf or a pair of earrings are great ways to give yourself a lift and a touch of sparkle. 

You can just be wearing jumper and jeans, but add a necklace and it takes an outfit to a different dimension.

These lovely pieces are from Yago Accessories, (see Sustaintable Stocking fillers blog) .  They are made from recycled plastic bags. 


Wear Your Favourite Colour

Colour has a huge impact on us in many ways.  It is our primary signalling system and can impact our mood and performance. 

Wear a colour that makes you look healthy and you’ll immediately feel more confident and stylish.  If you don’t believe me keep a diary of the colours you wear and your mood.

Colour is our primary signalling system

There are lots of other ways to look stylish and not look frumpy. 

As I mentioned above at the time of writing we’re living through the strangest time that most of us can remember.   So my tips are the simple things you can do right now using your own stuff.   This is a subject we’ll  cover again later in 2021 when life changes. 

Saving The Best Till Last…. 

Prioritise yourself.  Anxiety levels are high and we’re coping with a high level of uncertainty.  

You may not feel you have a choice but to put everyone else first.  But not prioritising your own self-care is a guaranteed way to drain your energy and resilience.     

As you look after everyone else you may well find you’re starting to feel resentful, put upon.  That sense of martyrdom runs hand in hand with feeling that you look frumpy. 

You are as high a priority as everyone else.  Carve out time for yourself.  Put it in your diary, make it non-negotiable!

How Can I Help You?

I offer online and in-person consultations in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. My mission is to help you understand your unique style and make the most of your wardrobe, so you can dress with confidence and feel awesome. Book a free discovery call with me to find out more.

Would You Be Able To Help?

While you’re here I’ve got a favour to ask. 

I’m planning on launching a new and exciting project this year.  Before I get too carried away, I need to reign in my ideas!!

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