Perhaps I’m becoming more environmentally conscious or am keen to rid myself of clutter? Whatever it is  I hate wasting money on clothes.

Whether it’s buying items on a whim, which rarely look the same in the fitting room and in the cold light of day!  Alternatively buying clothes without a purpose.

Before I take something to the cash desk or hit checkout online I go through a mental checklist.   How can I style this, what have I got that works with this?

Wasting money on clothes is something that doesn’t sit comfortably with me.   I get much more satisfaction from thinking through my wardrobe and putting a ‘new outfit’ together from my existing clothes.

wasting money on clothes

How do you stop wasting money on clothes?

Ensure that everything in your wardrobe is within your style personality

Your style personality is how you express your personality through your clothes.   If you reflect your style personality every time you get dressed you will:

  • Feel More Confident
  • Look fabulous
  • Be empowered – you’re expressing your true selfUnderstanding Your Style

Do not buy on price alone (even if it’s a bargain!)

You will simply be wasting money on clothes. It’s not so much a bargain if you then have to go and buy more pieces to complete an outfit!  I know how easy it is to be seduced by price tags, but before you buy, ask yourself

  • What will this go with in my wardrobe?
  • Do I need it and what would happen if I didn’t buy it?
  • What could I use in my wardrobe to create a similar look?

De-Tox Your wardrobe

I guarantee that an afternoon spent clearing your wardrobe will help you to:

  • Discover hidden gems you’d forgotten about
  • Eradicate the sense of overwhelm you feel when you open your wardrobe and see ‘so much stuff’
  • Help you create some more outfits with those hidden gems

Know Your Colours And Wear Them!

For anyone that’s not had her colours analyzed I strongly recommend that you get this done.    Why?

  • You stop wasting money on clothes in the wrong colours and wonder why you put them on and they don’t ‘look right’
  • You need fewer clothes to create more outfits, as your wardrobe is coordinated and you can mix and match more easily.
  • If you do have clothes in the wrong colours you can get better use from them by wearing accessories in the right colours. This ‘corrects’ or ‘dilutes’ the impact of the wrong colour.

Dress To Flatter Your Shape

If you show off the best bits and down play the bits you don’t love, you will feel more confident.   By ignoring your body shape you are not playing to your strengths.

  • Like colours, clothes in the wrong shape, may look okay in the fitting room but get them home and they ‘don’t look right’
  • Clothes in the wrong shape will spend most of their days hidden in your wardrobe
  • Don’t simply discard them if they can be altered. Find a good local alteration shop or dressmaker to give their opinion.

Shop In Charity Shops

Be careful with this one, as it’s easy to get carried away and find yourself wasting money on clothes because you are getting a bargain.

You have to know what’s going to work for you and what won’t when shopping in these types of stores, as seduction by price tag is even more likely. Plus that charity shops mean you’re supporting a good cause.

I use charity shops to search for costume jewellery.  You can pick up great necklaces between £1.50 and £2.50 and totally transform an existing outfit.

Discover A Dress Agency

Dress agencies can be a great way of making some money from your wardrobe as well as finding some interesting pieces at good prices.

Pre-loved boutiques or Dress Agencies work by taking your clothes renting you hangar space.  Taking a commission on the sale of your clothes.  The good ones only take what they’re reasonably sure will sell.

They are often a good source of designer labels as well as High Street brands.  You will need to be self-disciplined if you are buying in a dress agency.


Has That Given You Some Ideas?

I hope that’s given you a few ideas on how to stop wasting money on clothes.

I’d love to hear more about how you shop.  Please share your tips in the comments below to stop wasting money on clothes.

If you’re struggling to discover your style personality, know the right colours for you or dress to flatter your shape then check out the posts below.

Perhaps this all feels a bit overwhelming and you’d like some guidance, if so then why not sign up to my ‘Creating Wardrobe Magic Program’ [link]