Do you struggle to look confident when you don’t feel it?  We know that our clothes play a big part in helping us to feel fabulous.

If you feel good about yourself you will feel more confident. This is particularly true if you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  As a result if you wear clothes that make you look amazing you give yourself a boost.

However, conversely wear something that:

  • Isn’t congruent with who you are
  • Is uncomfortable (itchy, tight, doesn’t sit right)
  •  Is in a colour that does nothing for you

You will be distracted by your clothes.  Consequently you will use energy worrying about your clothes.  Even if this is on a sub-conscious level. 

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Clothing is powerful.  Our clothing has many practical purposes.  However it also has an impact on us on a deeper level.  Clothing impacts our mood and performance.   It also has an effect on how others respond to us as well.

Enclothed Cognition

 “Our clothing is so powerful that it can distort our thoughts and feelings,” – Prof Karen J Pine.   The power of our clothes is explored in her book Mind What You Wear – The Psychology of Fashion.  I recommend you read this.

 Prof Pine demonstrates how our clothes impact our mood, behaviour, and performance.   

Backed up by studies to give substance to this:

The White Coat Test

A group of students took a series of cognitive tests.  Two thirds of the students wore a white coat.  50% of the students wearing the white coat were told it was a Doctors Coat.  These students performed best in the tests. 

The Sunglasses Test

A group of students were put into teams.  They were going to play a strategy game.  All students were given a pair of sunglasses.  One team were told their sunglasses were designer glasses.  The other team were told their sunglasses were fake designer glasses.  Those wearing the ‘fake designer glasses’ were more prepared to cheat!


Can Our Clothing Make Us Look Confident?

Our clothing choices have an impact on how others respond to us.   Most would recognise the quote “dress for the job you want, not the job you have…” Austin Kleon.   Will others believe we are confident solely through our clothing?

Our clothes tell a great story, but they’re not the entire book.   We cannot expect our clothes to be the sole reason we look confident. 

look confident

I’m sure we can all relate to seeing someone whose outfit looks amazing but their posture and body language belies their feelings? 

To achieve this ‘joined up’ look, we need to accept responsibility.  Acknowledge the impact of our choice of clothing.  We will stand taller and prouder.  

I am sure we can all relate to putting on something that makes us look amazing. 

In my recent blog I shared the practical aspects of creating your personal style.  Follow these tips to help you look confident whenever you get dressed.  

Our clothes are powerful but we need to play our part.  Acknowledge they help us to look fabulous.   This in turn will help us to feel and look confident. 

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