“Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe (Fashion Designer).  This is my favourite definition of personal style.  

Personal style is the way an individual expresses themselves through their aesthetic choices, communicating who they are:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Hair
  • How they put an outfit together

 We can, as in all forms of communication, choose to be effective or not!

 To consistently show up as your authentic self is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. To really be congruent with your personal style.


Why Should We Show Up As Our Authentic Self?

The level of self-knowledge that helps to affirm who you are.  It gives you control of your personal environment.   Compare that with fashion where you follow trends.  Trends are set by others.  You do not have control over your personal environment if you’re following others’ ideas of what you should wear. 

 Style is deeper than fashion.  Our sense of personal style is influenced by:

  • where you come from,
  • your beliefs,
  • what you do,
  • your personality and values.

When you understand and fully express your style it’s your unique look.  

You dress to show up, look fabulous and feel awesome. 

show up as your authentic self

Your choice of clothes make you visible.   You may be squirming slightly in your seats thinking but what if I don’t want to dress to be seen?  I’m quite happy with a style that is understated.  That’s absolutely fine and when I say ‘be seen’ – I’m not talking about being out there and flamboyant in your style – unless you want to.   But what I am talking about is expressing who you are with confidence.  Showing up as your authentic self

In today’s post I’m going to consider the practical aspects of creating your personal style.

So How Do You Create Your Own Unique Personal Style?


Enhance your body shape. 

Always wear clothes that enhance your body shape. 

This can have a huge positive influence on your personal relationship with your body. 

See how the skirt you’re wearing flatters your curves, how the tailored jacket shows off your waistline for example.

Loving and embracing your unique body is so important to be able to dismiss those gremlins that chatter about how you ‘must look a certain way, have an unattainable body shape, as you scroll through images of airbrushed models.

How Important Is Your Unique Personal Style?

Dress With Intention

Show up as your authentic self every time you get dressed. 

 Think about what clothes do this.  The clothes that you put on and make you feel really ‘you’.  The ones you put on and immediately give yourself a wink when you catch yourself in the mirror!

 If you show up as your authentic self this will help you establish your uniqueness, build confidence and develop your sense of self-love

Show Your Body Respect 

Wear clothes that flatter and enhance your figure that fit and work for your lifestyle.    

I asked a question about this in my Facebook Group recently and it was interesting to see how many responses mentioned that clothing must be comfortable.  I agree that fit is not enough. 

If your clothes are not comfortable, they distract your focus and energy.  It can be exhausting dealing with clothes that you’re conscious about for the wrong reasons!   

wear clothes that are comfortable

Love Yourself

Wear clothes that fit. 

 What’s worse than opening your wardrobe to find clothes that you’re keeping (and have been for some time) because you’re just going to lose a few pounds and then you will fit into them again. 

If you need an incentive to lose weight and having clothes in a size smaller is going to help you, then I would recommend putting them in a separate cupboard or box, labelling them and adding a date 3 months (or 6 at the most) putting that date in your phone as a reminder and then review. 

 But be honest with yourself at that point. 


Create A Signature Look  

A distinct look that defines you.  Your unique personal style.

A look that you can totally rely on as it consistently shows your identity.  That look doesn’t have to be bold.  It’s a look by which people remember you. 

 This is particularly important when you are in business, and want others to remember you.

 Your signature look doesn’t have to be outlandish and let’s face it unless you do want to exude an extraverted personality style then you wouldn’t be your authentic self.  Take Steve Jobs for example – he had a signature look, but it was hardly outlandish!

I’m giving tips on developing a signature look very soon in my free group Awesome Women With Style  – if you’re not already a member please come over and join us.

create a signature look

How Can I Help You?

I offer online and in-person consultations in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. My mission is to help you understand your unique style and make the most of your wardrobe, so you can dress with confidence and feel awesome. Book a free discovery call with me to find out more.

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