I get so mad when I read articles about Dressing for your age.

My blood pressure starts to rise when I see headlines such as:

’25 items in your wardrobe you cannot wear over the age of 30’

‘My top tips for dressing for your age in your 30s, 40s, 50s’ –

Seriously like we have to go out and modify our wardrobe as another decade passes? Dressing for your age is just garbage!

Now that I’ve had my rant would someone please pass me the stepladder? I’d just like to get down from my soapbox without fear of injury!

Style as you will always hear me say, is about expressing yourself.  By aiming to look and feel fantastic every time you get dressed that’s the best approach to have.   Why? Because it gives you masses of self-confidence and who doesn’t want to feel confident?

Let’s be clear, I’m not an advocate of wearing something because you want to recreate the way you looked 20 years ago (see my post on Stuck in a Style Rut).

I hate the concept of dressing for your age and being offered a prescriptive list.  The approach should be what’s right for you and if that’s wearing skinny leather jeans and a leopard print top at the age of 60 then #gogirl

You need to express yourself with confidence and that’s quite unique for all of us.

So it’s not about dressing for your age, but it is about dressing for you.   I hope this distinction makes sense?

The video I’ve made for this post will hopefully give you some more examples.

This is a good example of what I mean with a client I helped last week.

She had asked me to help her because she felt frumpy. I showed her how she could use colour, texture, and accessories to add more fun to her wardrobe. There were items in her wardrobe that did make her look older and those that could not be livened up to create a more fun look to suit her image, we consigned to the charity shop pile.

The test is whether it takes you so far out of your comfort zone, that you are completely self-conscious.

I don’t just mean a teensy bit uncomfortable. I mean you are so wrapped up in your outfit it’s all you can think about! Your confidence will hit rock bottom.

Dressing For Your Age Style Tip

Style is about expressing who you are and feeling confident.  Age is irrelevant and is just a number.

dressing for your age

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