For the less adventurous I’m not advocating kite surfing!

I am talking about wearing the right neckline for you. The secret to a flattering top or T Shirt is wearing the right neckline for your shape.

Remember that top which is a great colour and shape for you but has spent more time lurking in the wardrobe than being worn?  My bet is that the neckline’s the wrong shape for you and when you put it on it just doesn’t look right!

Before you condemn it to the recycling bin, read this blog, which explains what you need to consider when choosing a neckline. You’ll be able to download my Guide to Necklines –    different neckline styles and some quick tips on how to rescue that top!


While colour and body shape are important, you do need to go a bit deeper and consider:

  1. Neck Shape
  2. Shoulders
  3. Bust size
  4. Face – Angles or Curves?
  5. Aging – sorry ladies, I had to add this one…..

thin neck

Necks – How can you tell if yours is long or short?

Try the palm test!    

Take one hand and place the palm vertically under your chin. Hold your chin horizontal and if your palm roughly touches the chest bone you have a normal length neck. If there’s space between your palm and your chest bone you have a long neck. If it’s a squeeze then your neck is short.

Think too about your neck width, wider necks need a bit more careful thought to ensure you don’t make them look broader. There’s no absolute definition of a wide or slim neck but if you check out my What Neckline Works for you Guide then when you try different tops on it will make sense.


Think about whether you have wide shoulders or narrow shoulders.   When you define your body shape, one of the key factors is the width of your shoulders, whether they’re wider or narrower than your hips.

To decide if your shoulders are straight or sloping simply stand straight facing a mirror and see if your shoulders are horizontal or they angle downwards.

My guide to What Neckline Works for You will give you the tips you need to determine the best necklines for your shoulder shape.

Bust Size

Your bust is probably the main factor that you consider with your choice of neckline. How many times have you stood in the changing room with tears of frustration in your eyes? That dress or top you’d fallen in love with would be perfect if it wasn’t for the effect it has on your bust!

I’ll sound a bit like a scratched record here but never mind!   I cannot stress enough how important a good fitting bra is to making any neckline look sensational or downright lousy!   A good fitting bra is important regardless of bust size. It is also a great confidence boost for women with larger or smaller busts.

I’ll let you in to a secret. I have a very small bust and spent years without a bra to my name.   This was nothing to do with Women’s Lib, but was all about being too embarrassed to go for a proper fitting! For ages I considered having cosmetic surgery but one appointment with a cosmetic surgeon peering at my breasts was enough to put me off! I am also an avid gym bunny and couldn’t stand the idea of not being able to exercise for weeks!   But when I started to put a little weight on, a little bit of shape appeared round my bust. I plucked up the courage to visit a lingerie specialist. OMG what a lovely lady, she helped me to discover that in fact I did have boobs! All of a sudden it got a whole lot easier for me to buy tops that work!

Face Shapes

Let’s not over-complicate this point as it’s much less important than your neck, bust and shoulders!

Simply decide if you have a contoured or angular shaped face. For curvier faces rounder necklines are best and for angular faces sharper edges work. So don’t get too hung up on this point!

Effects of Aging

I hate to add this one in ladies but one of the sad facts of getting older is that your neckline doesn’t lie! In fact it just loves to show the world how old you really are! The skin around your neck and down to your bust is very sensitive and the loss of collagen can be seen here more easily than anywhere else.

Most of us are willing to spend time and money moisturising our face and rubbing body lotion into our bodies, but how many of us neglect that area around our necks?


The good news is that you can make a difference really easily and without spending any more money on skincare – result!

All you need to do is double up on your skincare routine. What do I mean by that?

Simply remember to take your body lotion up to your chin and your facial moisturiser down to your bust! Do this for a few weeks and just see the difference!

Download my What’s the Right Neckline for You Style Guide!