Do you struggle to find skinny jeans that fit?

If, like me, it’s difficult to find a pair that don’t compromise the blood supply to your calves, the next challenge is to get them over your thighs.     Get that far and I’m jiggling my booty around the changing room in time to whatever Muzak is playing in the store.

skinny jeans

Time for one last mirror check, whatever was I thinking? My big bum means I can’t wear skinny jeans. What made me think that this was ever an option!

At this point the temptation to indulge in coffee and cake is overwhelming. That’s fine go and enjoy a latte and brownie while you finish reading this post.

latte and brownie

First I am guessing that you might just be worrying about nothing. Rather than having a big bum my bet is that you have a gorgeous butt.     If Mother Nature blessed you with a well rounded derrière then congratulations! Some women pay £000s for surgical re-enhancements to reproduce Beyoncé’s look.

But please don’t assume I am being dismissive of your body confidence issues. The most important thing is to feel confident about your clothes.   Rather than asking your husband or girlfriends for their views, why not follow my hints so that you can answer the question yourself!

Let’s take a look at my 7 tips for how to look fantastic in skinny jeans if you are worried you have a big bum:


While it may be stating the obvious, lighter colours do have the effect of making anyone appear larger. So while white jeans look amazing, if you want a more slender look then stick to darker shades such as indigo or black.  Tempted by those brightly coloured jeans?  Great if you want to stand out, but they will have a similar effect as white jeans and will enhance your shape, not necessarily in the way you want!


Jeans with bold prints will also draw attention.  If you are self-conscious about whether you can wear skinny jeans I would suggest you stick to plain fabrics, at least until you have proven to yourself that skinny jeans will work for you.

Leopard Print Skinny JeansSize

Some of us get very hung up about what the size label says on clothing.  I admit that this is one area I still find difficult, which is a legacy of being an anorexic for 20 years.   I struggle to admit that I

need a bigger size, even though I understand that this is totally ridiculous as we are being influenced by brands that do not adhere to a universal sizing guide.

What is important is that your jeans fit.   Jeans can be unforgiving the fabric can be stiff before they have been washed a few times.  More brands than ever now add spandex to the fabric.  Who remembers the days of lying on the bedroom carpet with a coat hanger through the zipper to get your jeans fastened?

The simple rule is buy jeans you can comfortably move and sit in,  Buying jeans in a size that creates a muffin top is not a good look!


Whether you prefer low rise or high waist jeans depends on both your proportions and comfort. I feel the cold and do not appreciate feeling the sudden draft between my waistband and top in winter.  Back to the technical stuff, to understand what works for you in terms of the waistband you need to compare the length of your torso to the length of your legs.

As a stylist I refer to this as a game of two halves!  From the top of your head to the top of your leg is one half. From the top of your legs to the soles of your feet is the other half.

The basic rule is that longer legs than body choose low-rise. Reverse this if you have longer body than legs.


One of my favourite truisms of styling is that by understanding your body shape you then apply balance to create the perfect shape.  Look balanced and others will look at you as a whole and will not be focusing on what is out of balance.

If you are not sure what I mean, visualise an hourglass, do you look at the hourglass as a whole or do you look towards the top or the bottom? Most people will look at the hourglass in its entirety.  This time visualise a pear – your eyes will be drawn to the round luscious part of the pear and you will probably ignore the stalk and neck area.

Take that to the next step. If you are worried that you have a big bum and that skinny jeans just don’t work for you, balance this with a top or a jacket that adds volume to your top half. Consider lapels, ruffles and shoulder pads for example.  This is perfect for AW15 trends, as we are still seeing retro 1970s alongside 1980s influences.  Think Glam Rock and New Romantic, or Biba with ruffles!

Lengthen your Legs!

Want longer legs? Join the queue as most of us would secretly love our legs to grow a bit taller!  Abracadabra!  – by wearing ankle boots or shoes the same colour as your jeans you will automatically add a few centimetres!  Wear a contrasting colour and the eye will subconsciously create a horizontal line at the change in colour. By creating a horizontal line you will appear shorter and wider.

lengthen your legs


Top Down Approach

The simple rule with regard to the length of your top, ensure the hemline does not finish level with the widest part of your body. Just be careful of this if you are consciously thinking you have a big bum, the temptation is to wear a long top. This is fine but just be careful that the hemline doesn’t sit on the widest part of your hips. This will create another horizontal line. This will trigger the brain to make you look shorter and wider.

Now time to head back to the stores and find that perfect pair of skinny jeans and stop worrying that you have a big bum!


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