When you are struggling to put an outfit together in the morning does your bedroom resemble a bombsite?

Do you find yourself trying on combinations then discarding them again not really knowing why? Or do you know what look you want to create but somehow none of your clothes quite achieve this? If this sounds familiar why not create a style shrine.

To create a style shrine pull out between three and six of your favourite pieces from your wardrobe. These do not need to be connected in any way or parts of an outfit. They may be items of clothing or accessories.

The only common factor is that they are items that make you feel fantastic every time you wear them.

Take each piece in turn and write down why it makes you feel amazing. Some examples might be that you:

  • Receive lots of compliments when you’re wearing this piece
  • Feel sexy and sassy
  • Are happy and life feels good
  • Love the fabric

When you’ve finished this exercise see if there are any patterns emerging.

Now take a look at the rest of your wardrobe and work out how you can create those feelings every time you get dressed.

While you may initially panic and feel that you will need a new wardrobe to do this, take a deep breath. Work on your existing wardrobe to see if and how they meet your look and feel fantastic criteria.

This exercise will help you to really appreciate what it is that you need to fill yourself up every time you get dressed.

Finally put your list on your wardrobe door or somewhere close to your clothes. You want to refer to this list every time you get dressed. You want to check if the outfit you’re wearing meets your personal fantastic look criteria.

Create A Style Shrine – Visual or Physical

If you are a more visual person you may want to do this with photos and then add comments to the photos.

Alternatively you might find it easier to create a physical shrine.  Hang those items in a prominent place where you can keep reminding yourself that these are your style idols.