amazing-736886_1280 flower-362663  ’You’re looking a bit peaky, are you feeling okay?’

If someone says that to you and up to that point you’d been feeling fine, chances are you’ll surreptitiously start feeling your forehead with the back of your hand or nip to the loo to check if your throat is inflamed!  Rest assured the most likely and simple explanation is that you’re wearing the wrong colours, not that you’re coming down with a ghastly virus!

Knowing your Colours

The wrong colours can make you look tired and unwell, wear the right colours and you’ll look amazing with a healthy glow!  If you’re wearing the right colours whoever is looking at you will be drawn to look into your eyes, at your face and will truly engage with you!   They will not be distracted by the colours you’re wearing or be concerned that you’re looking tired and unwell. This is called the circle of colour as the colours you wear will reflect your natural colouring.

When you wear the right colours you will feel more positive and radiate confidence and let’s face it we all want to do that!

There’s another really great benefit to knowing your colours – it makes it much easier and cheaper to shop. When you walk into a clothing store as you start to shop in terms of your colours it’s very powerful to be able to look at the display and know immediately what colours will suit you and which ones should be avoided. You are less likely to look at items in the wrong colours therefore the elimination process becomes much quicker!

One of the most common questions I’m asked by anyone considering having their colours ‘done’ is once they have undertaken the analysis, do they need to have a massive wardrobe declutter of everything in the wrong colour and an expensive re-stocking exercise.. The simple answer is no. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. We’re drawn to the colours that suit us about 50% of the time! But before you panic that still means half a wardrobe will be in bags heading to charity shop – stop right there!
  2. By accessorising with jewellery or scarves in the right colours next to your face, you’ll overcome the effect of the wrong colours.



My own wardrobe is a great example

I love black! But black is not in my colour palette and I shouldn’t really wear it, but a lot of my wardrobe is black and I’m not going to stop wearing it! So there!

I am a magpie when it comes to bright statement jewellery – either in funky colours or in silver coloured metals; I adore scarves and have a massive collection (mainly in the right colours!) so I team my blacks with jewellery or scarves, sometimes both as I can be a bit OTT! But the effect is that the black is not next to my face and so is ‘neutralised’ from a colour perspective.

Do I have to ban certain colours?

Another common misconception about colour analysis is that certain colours will be barred, from your wardrobe. It’s not as simple as that – take Red as an example. Red appears in all the colour palettes but it will be different tones, density and brightness.

This starts to explain colours on the outside, but what about colour on the inside?


Origins of Colour Therapy

Did you know that the use of Colour is a truly holistic therapy which dates back thousands of years in many cultures including Indian, Chinese and Egyptian?

I had no idea about this until I had a therapy session with the lovely Kate Griffiths. It was enlightening to me to find that colour therapy can be used as a holistic treatment. Colour helps to balance and enhance our own body’s energy centres (chakras) and this in turn helps to stimulate our body’s own healing process.

Confused? Yes so was I but I found it much easier when Kate explained that colour is light in varying wavelengths. Each spectrum colour (think the 7 ‘rainbow colours’) has its own wavelength and energy. Practised on a holistic level energy levels can be realigned.

My Session with Kate

Kate helped me to understand my attraction to certain colours on the day and why some were negative and positive. Kate asked me some insightful questions and I found that some of the colours were related to areas of my life I’d suppressed and was still carrying as baggage. This gave me some real clarity and helped me to consider what I needed to do to let go and before you ask – I’m still on that journey but it’s going in the right direction!   Our reactions to colour can be very emotional and are stimulated by events and experiences in our lives, meaning that it’s a different experience for everyone.

I’d always known that colour was incredibly important to me and some of my earliest childhood memories are not of people or events but the colours of various objects. So for me this was a fascinating experience to delve a bit deeper. Into this area to realise how colour affects us in many ways.


Would you like to know more?

Colour from the Inside Out!

Kate and I wanted to find a way to bring our attraction to colour together and share our passion with others. We played around with a few ideas before coming up with the idea of ‘Colour from the Inside Out’ a special half-day workshop to help you explore what colour means to you.

At the end of the workshop you will understand what colours work for your wardrobe and why you are attracted to certain colours and what they mean.  We want you to enjoy a very personal colour makeover inside and out so are limiting the number of places on this workshop to just six places. To keep this very special we host this workshop in a fabulous 150-year old barn in the Hertfordshire countryside.

Feedback from our previous workshops:

‘A relaxed beautiful morning’

 ‘Practical, enlightening, uplifting’

‘I learned so much’