holiday capsule wardrobeHow Do You Decide On Those Holiday Essentials?

There are very few women who find it easy to pack to go on holiday.

I’m guessing that so far you have:

a)      done all the holiday planning and booking,

b)      organised everyone else to know what they’re doing and  when

c)       helped younger family members to pack,

d)      booked the family pets ‘vacations’

e)      got your own desk clear and delegated essential tasks to colleagues

By the time you’ve accomplished this lot, thinking about your own holiday clothes ideas just seems like a bridge too far!  When you do come to pack you always need a bigger suitcase to fit everything in that you want to take or might need!

Let’s face it holidays should be something to look forward to – quality time spent with your family and or friends without the distractions and hassles of everyday life.

Before you start consulting the holiday insurance to find out if it’s too late to cancel, let’s take a look at how to solve the problem!

Holiday Clothes Checklist holiday clothes checklist

The best way to start is with a holiday clothes checklist.  But before you start planning what should be included in your holiday capsule wardrobe, think instead the following questions:

1.       What type of holiday are you planning?

2.       Are you flying – if so what are the airline’s baggage restrictions?

3.       Will there be any laundry facilities?  – A washing machine just makes packing so much easier!

Then when you have the answers to this at the top of your mind this will help you put together your holiday clothes checklist.  Remember less is more!  How many times have you been on holiday with a massive selection of clothes only to bring half of them back unworn!

Less is more on holiday and depending where you’re going it will also give you the great excuse to wander round the local boutiques and stock up on a few items that no one else will have back home!  So even if you do end up taking a bigger suitcase then at least ensure there’s some room for holiday shopping!

Holiday Wardrobe Essentials

When you’re deciding what to take follow these simple guidelines:

1.   Colour co-ordination is key – ensure that everything you take will match and go with other items

2.    Shoes – be realistic!  Shoes take up so much room.   Keep it to a minimum.  Remember even if you love your heels that hot weather, high heels and strappy sandals are not always a great mix as your feet will swell up in the heat!

3.   Pashmina or shawl – more versatile than a jacket for covering up and won’t take up nearly as much room in your case

4.   Sarong or cover up for day times – getting to and from the beach/wearing in restaurants at lunchtime

5.  Jewellery  & Scarves – create different looks with accessories, they pack up much smaller than additional tops

6.  Activities – if you’re going to be hiking, playing tennis or enjoying any other sports think about the kit you’ll need for these.  As unglamorous as it may be wearing your hiking boots to travel will save you a lot of suitcase space!

7.   Demote your clothes as the holiday goes on. The first evening you can waft down to dinner in a beautiful kaftan with a pair of linen trousers. Then you can wear it out shopping, and after that it can be for the beach.

8.   If you’re still struggling to narrow down your holiday capsule wardrobe, I’d recommend laying everything out on the bed that you’d like to take and then cutting it down by half .

9.  Work through the items you want to take and the number of outfits you can make from these pieces.  If the items won’t make more than one outfit then leave them behind!

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Example for a fortnight’s beach holiday with some sightseeing

1. 2 Bikinis (or swimsuits)

2. Sarong

3. Shorts

4. Cover up shirt (baggy white cheesecloth is perfect!)

5. Up to 4 vests/T-shirts

6. Lightweight trousers or longer shorts for sightseeing

7. Linen or casual trousers for evening

8. 2 Smart tops for evening

9. 2 Dresses for evenings – a maxi and a short dress

10. Pashmina, cardigan or wrap for cooler evenings

11. Lightweight flats for sightseeing

12. Kitten heels or glamorous flip flops for evening

13. Flip flops for beach

14. Beach bag

15. Evening bag

16. Day Bag (across the body)

17. Accessories: Jewellery and Scarves

Most of all enjoy yourself!