The school holidays are in full swing, the weather’s unsettled and the barbecue’s standing forlornly on the patio. That can only mean one thing AW17 trend alert: next season’s clothes and accessories are now arriving in the shops!

AW Trend Report

My mantra to my clients is to ignore trends and to focus on what’s right for your shape and personality. However, if a particular trend looks good on you and you want to invest in it, then great, but don’t be trend led.

However, you cannot totally ignore trends as they do have an influence on what’s available on the High Street. Buyers have to select their ranges a year in advance. So this means they have to make educated guesses on what will sell and what’s right for their customers.  While online shopping offers us a much wider choice it will often still be influenced to some degree by trends, as retailers want to see stock sell through!

The first trend reports for a season appear immediately after Fashion Week. So Fashion Week in February 2017 showcased the collections for AW17/18.  The reports published in March gave some insight into the AW17 trends.   For this week’s blog I want to do a round up of some of the key AW17 trends.  I will look at how these trends might be worn and some pitfalls to avoid.

Red Is A Big AW17 Trend

The catwalk shows included a lot of red garments: dresses, tops, skirts and trousers. Like most colours, red can be worn by anyone, but it’s important to wear the right shade and tone for your palette.  Red works well as a colour all year round, but seems particularly well suited to brightening the darker days of winter. Red is also versatile with neutrals.

Autumn: Rusty Reds, Poppy Red or Geranium Red

Winter: Cherry, Raspberry or Claret Reds

Spring: Coral Red, Watermelon and Tomato Reds

Summer: Cherry Raspberry but will also look great in Burgundy

Red AW17 Trend

The Kitchen Sink Is Back

While big bags are practical in some senses, how many of cart around stuff we do not need and let the junk accumulate?

If I have a big bag with hardly anything in it, then it feels like I’ve forgotten something and the temptation is to add from the ‘it might come in handy’ pile!

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a handbag is the size and how that relates to your scale. A petite person will look smaller with a large oversized bag.

aw17 trend big bags

Does It Suit Me?Grey Tailored Jacket

Grey suits were included in a lot of designers’ collections and is likely to be a popular AW17 Trend.

Recently I attended a workshop where the idea was to cover everyone else in paint! In one of the icebreaker exercises we had to indicate our least favourite colour and why. Most of the group said Grey.

Personally I love grey, particularly in the context of clothes.

Grey is smart without being too formal. Anyone can wear grey if it’s the right shade and tone. It is also so versatile when pairing with other colours. If you are looking for a suit this autumn follow my guidelines for dressing for your shape.

Twinkle Toes!

The AW17 trend of having sparkly toes is a great way to add a sense of fun to your footwear. This doesn’t mean you have to buy shoes with sparkles built in to the design to achieve the look.

There is a growing trend for detachable accessories for shoes that can be clipped on and removed. Just like clip on earrings.

This is a brilliant way to turn a look from day to night. Just pop the clips on to court shoes or pumps to liven up your look.   It also looks amazing with jeans and a blazer for a more glammed up daytime look.

AW17 Trend Shoe Jewellery

Oversized Jumpers and Floaty Skirts

This AW17 trend can look absolutely gorgeous. Add ankle boots or knee length boots and you’ve got a great Boho Chic outfit.

This look won’t appeal to everyone and I’d suggest avoid if your legs are shorter than your torso.  I’d also be wary of a jumper that’s too big and bulky fluffy jumpers will are more feminine.

Midi skirts are good if your shoulders are wider than your hips. But beware oversized sweaters that will just hang from your wide shoulders.

AW17 Trend Faux Fur

Walk On The Wild Side

Fur was big on the catwalks, from oversized shearling coats, vintage style full length coats and leopard prints.

For a more fun look designers were also showing ostrich style feathers in their designs for fringing and details.

This fringing detail looks great on skirts and cuffs, but you need to be comfortable making a statement with your look to carry this off.

This AW17 trend for fur and feathers will be embraced by some and shunned by others. In the research I did for Ufurria, I found that faux fur has a real polarizing effect on women.


Belt Up!

Whether it’s belts on coats to add shape or wide belts to wear with dresses or separates, there is definitely an AW17 trend for adding a belt to complete an outfit.

Many of my clients are nervous about wearing belts or tell me that they used to wear them but no longer do. They either are unsure about wearing a belt or feel self-conscious about their tummy and don’t believe they can wear a belt.

The good news is that most of us can wear belts, if we follow a few simple principles and they can really make an outfit look stunning.


In Summary

Hopefully this post will give you a few ideas and thoughts if you are looking to add to your autumn wardrobe and how to style AW17 trends.

But remember the basic principles when you are choosing clothes, particularly if you find shopping a chore.

What season do you find it most challenging to dress for? Some women find it more difficult to dress for Autumn Winter and others for Spring Summer. This is at least partly to do with the colours that are available in the shops. It may also be your own seasonal preferences (which goes beyond your wardrobe). It could also be a reflection on how you feel about your body.


If you’d like to find out how to feel fabulous every time you get dressed why not book a free 30-minute Skype Call with me?