Angelic Reiki offered the next stepping stone on Emma’s journey.  In the final part of my interview with Emma we explore the final steps she’s taken and how her life has transformed with the help of a very special person.      Below Emma’s story we look at her extremely interesting thinking and views on mental health.

Writing and sharing Emma’s story has been a privilege that I’ll always remember.   Last week when Emma shared a post on Facebook, I admit to being utterly choked…

‘The younger two very quickly got used to the new me, but with Angus it has taken much longer to build the trust.  So, when he came and sat with me this afternoon and put his arm around me, gave me a kiss on the face and stroked my hand, I was surprised … He had been looking at my facebook timeline and he said, I am so proud of you mum and everything you are doing to help people in your business, and I am so pleased you are getting your story down and out there, it’s very important’

1. I couldn’t believe the power of Angelic Reiki

I had won an Angelic Reiki session in a raffle and decided to use it in mid-February.  It was simply amazing and I had my first night’s sleep in months.

After the healing I discussed the experience I’d had with the practitioner.  She told me that the Archangel Michael was present.

A few days later I’d told a colleague about my experience while we were wandering round the shops at lunchtime.  I was starting to think it was just imagination.

We wandered into Oxfam. My attention was diverted but I heard her cry out OMG!

Right in front of us was a hand carved screen adorned with an angel. Not just any angel but the Archangel Michael!!

Needless to say it’s now an integral part of my living room.

angelic reiki archangel michael

2. Healing myself …

At that point I thought that there was something in this and started to have more Angelic Reiki.

The healer was very aware of my addictive tendencies, so didn’t allow me to become dependent on the Angelic Reiki. She wanted me to realise it was my own strengths and not the treatment that was making me better.

I decided to learn from her. The next year I did the Angelic Reiki practitioner and the following year I did the Master teacher.

When I finished my work in Mental Health I decided to take a break and set up my own healing practise.

It all became part of my own spiritual development and started the process of me getting to know myself.

Towards the end of 2014 I realised there was something missing.

angelic reiki

3. Meeting of Minds

Last year I met Keith Abrahams.

Keith provides executive mentoring and coaching with a number of partners as well as delivering social enterprise projects.

Keith is also a psychotherapist, specialising in trauma and PTSD resolution.  Keith applies the Human Givens Approach to his work with individuals and businesses.

It is a very simple and practical methodology founded on the basis that we have a list of needs. If they are not met we struggle.

Our internal guidance system and innate resources enable us to meet our needs.

If we are not using those resources properly or something is stopping us from tapping into them there will be a misalignment.

That’s when we struggle emotionally.

Initially I’d approached Keith for guidance.

I was struggling because I had so many ideas and things I wanted to do plus I needed some help balancing challenges within my family.

human givens approach4. Advice and where it’s taken me!

Keith had a number of things he wanted to do and there was a massive overlap with my own goals.

Keith offered me the opportunity to work under the umbrella of his group Just Clarity to start offering various programs for people feeling ‘stuck’ in their life.  People are really shifting by using the techniques we offer.

People may come to us if they are living apparently ‘normal’ lives but are struggling every day with intense emotional distress,

It may also apply to those currently out of work and under the care of services.

Part of my passion is getting people to understand that people under MHS are no different to people who are not.   We all walk around with the same issues.

Once we realise that all we need to do is talk and support each other it becomes easier.

support of others

5. Your other passion is Link4Growth – can you tell us about this?

Link4Growth is about nurturing, supporting, and connecting with local people, businesses and communities.

Link4Growth does this through:

  • Bringing local people together regularly at different times of day.
  • Learning about each other… sharing our passions, talents and how we can help each other.
  • Totally inclusive, open to anyone who is giving and supportive
  • Providing bite sized training to develop ourselves, our businesses, social groups
  • Rebuilding our community through understanding that everyone is important, we all have skills and we are all able to make a contribution.

Keith and I host Link4Growth events within MK, Beds and Herts.

Chris Ogle, the founder of Link4Growth, is a good friend and has been an inspiration to me over the past 18 months.

It is fabulous synchronicity that Keith, Chris and I have shared objectives in many ways.

community enterprise

6. What’s next for you Emma and where do you see yourself heading?

Recently Keith asked me if I’d become a director!  6 months ago I would have said ‘are you nuts’ but when he asked me I was able to say ‘that would be nice’.

The following day I produced three flyers for the programs we’re planning. I welled up when I realised how far I’d come and how this was exactly what I wanted to be doing!

If I can inspire just one person then I feel I will have really achieved something special.

This morning someone asked what I was doing this afternoon and when I told them that I was being interviewed for an inspirational woman blog, their response was ‘wow’.

It was then that it dawned on me that I might be able to inspire someone and others may think that my story is inspirational!

 Emma Jaynes


7.  If you had the opportunity to talk to your younger teenage self what advice would you offer her?

This question always makes me cry!!

Looking back my biggest struggle and lesson has been about self-love. I had no concept of myself as being useful, loving person. I had lot of shame. I literally had no idea that I deserved all the things that I wanted for everyone else.

I would tell my younger self that you have to practise acts of self-love and learn to recognise your achievements. Recognise yourself for being that loving useful person who has a lot to contribute.

I have been very blessed throughout my life to have people around me that believed in me and were able to see my potential. They could see through the stuff that was clouding my vision. Without their support I’m not sure where I’d be now.

Judging by the fabulous comments on the previous chapters of Emma’s life you’ve enjoyed this series of blog posts and been inspired by how brave and inspirational this lovely lady is!  I’d love to get your thoughts and comments about the final chapter and would love you to share this on social media, as it’s a story that deserves to be told!

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Emma has some very strong views on Mental Illness and we have put together this FREE ebook to share her perspective.