About Carol

Conscious Wardrobe Stylist

Welcome to my page.  My mission in life is simple.  I inspire women like you who have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear!  I will help you look and feel fabulous, every time you get dressed.  But more than that I want you to do this with a conscious style approach.

The scale of the negative impact the fashion industry, and our consumption, has on the planet, is no longer a dirty secret.

This is not just about the environmental cost, but the human cost as well, from farming through to manufacturing.  The irreparable damage to our fragile eco systems.  Endangering the lives and health of some of the poorest people in the world.  All in the name of fashion.

As a personal stylist I love clothes and accessories.  I love how clothes can make you feel and how empowering it is to express yourself through your wardrobe.  But this does not need to be at the cost of our precious planet or the people who live here.   My passion is to motivate you to make responsible wardrobe choices while enjoying your sense of style.

My Story

Why Am I So Passionate About My Mission In Life?

What motivates me to help you become more confident about the way you look and feel about yourself?  As a famous perfume brand says ‘Because you are worth it’but seriously it is much more than that.

As women we are incredibly good at focusing on the negatives.  Recognise at least one of these?  I hate my arms, my butt’s too big, and if only my bust was smaller. We are not good at self-love we are much better at self-deprecation.

But let me ask you have you ever looked in the mirror and really loathed your reflection?  I’m not talking about that ‘my hair’s a mess I must book that hair appointment’ or ‘Great night but I’m too old for this’ feeling.  Measured on a scale of 0-10 that would probably register around a 2.

These are temporary feelings that a trip to the hairdresser or a good nights sleep would remedy.   I am talking about those real feelings of self-loathing where you truly hate what you believe you are seeing in the mirror.

My Story

Person in the Mirror

When you look in the mirror someone other than you stares out, none of your clothes fit – not because they’re too tight but because they’re falling off you even though they are size 4.  The emotion, the frustration and inner pain that I’m referring to goes off the scale.  It damages your life in more ways than we can mention here.   Anorexia nervosa destroys your self-confidence and self-esteem.  It impacted every aspect of my life from my relationships, to my ability to have children to the stuttering start of my career. 

I suffered for over 20 years, but I was one of the lucky ones. I gradually came to realise that perhaps I’d got it wrong.  Maybe the reflection I was seeing wasn’t the one that others saw.  That instead of rose-tinted specs I had somehow been wearing some distorted mirror glasses.


It took many false starts and enormous support from my family to come out the other side. What it’s given me is an acute sense of empathy with someone when they say they do not love their body.

Once we accept that we have bits that we would rather not have and bits that are really worth showcasing, we are in a much better place.

Why should we expect others to love us when we broadcast to others that we are not to be loved?  If you suffer from self-confidence issues about your body, this is evident in our body language, our demeanour and very often in our choice of clothes.

We may as well hang a sign round our neck that states ‘please don’t love me’!!



My Story

Style is about Confidence

How much easier do you find it to talk to people in a room if you’re feeling fantastic and you know you look great? You radiate positivity.

How this magnifies if someone pays you a compliment – you effervesce with energy!

Style is about confidence. Admittedly it helps to have a few techniques in your armoury and to be a bit of an illusionist! But fundamentally it’s about showing off your best bits while downplaying the bits you hate!

My mission in life is simple, to inspire women to look good and feel fantastic, which in turn will help them to lead fulfilling and positive lives.

I will never claim that ‘I know how you feel’ as we’re all amazing unique individuals.  But I can empathise with lack of confidence around your figure and the way you look.

By sharing my knowledge and experience of personal styling and image consultancy I will help you to reclaim your self-esteem.

Take a look around and see what I can do to help you overcome your body confidence issues.

My Story

There is no Planet B

I haven’t always been very environmentally conscience.  Until 18 months ago I didn’t really appreciate what the term Single Use Plastic truly meant. I’ve always loved nature and sought not to damage it. I cried when David Attenborough made documentaries that informed us how bad things were and would only get worse.   But it didn’t really translate for me into my every day life other than changing my car from a gas guzzling SUV.

Fast fashion has never really appealed to me.  I’ve always preferred buying quality rather than quantity.  It had little to do with the industry practices and more to do with appreciating better fabrics and manufacturing so that I could wear clothes I love until they fall apart.



My Mission In Life And My Sense Of Woke

But I had my own sense of ‘Woke’ in 2018 when I was researching a blog post about the environment [link].  Once I started reading and researching I couldn’t stop.

I’d heard of Rana Plaza and shared the world’s collective sense of outrage and horror.  But the garment factory that collapsed in 2013 in just seconds, killing 1134 workers, was surely a one-off incident – sadly not. Today bereaved families and injured workers (over 2500) are struggling to get compensation.

I’d seen the cotton harvests in Turkey when we visited many years ago as we sailed by on our tourist bus, en route to another ruined amphitheatre.  I made no connection to the damage being done by the industrial scale of farming.   I had no appreciation of the damage to the environment done by this water hungry crop and the early demise of cotton workers exposed to pesticides.

But my reading and research exposed the horrors of such things as the Aral Sea and that cotton farmers’ life expectancy is around 40 years of age.

What could I do about it?  Well apart from educating myself and becoming more conscious about the clothes I did buy, the appeal of dress agencies and charity shops increased 10-fold.   I decided that my biggest power was to inspire my clients and my tribe to make better decisions about their own wardrobes.

That’s why my mission in life is about helping you to feel more confident, express yourself through your wardrobe while treading lightly on the planet.

Big Hugs and I Look Forward to Meeting You Soon,