I’m not sure that many of us will look back on 2020 with fond memories.  Remember all the optimism this time last year?  A new decade was about to begin – the roaring 20s.  Well roar it did this year but in pain and anguish rather than the more positive image the roaring 20s implied.

But hey there have been some good things to come out of this year.  So today I thought I’d share some of my top listens for 2020.    

Audio Books 2020 My Favourites

I switched off audio books for a while this year, preferring to listen to Podcasts.  But I’ve recently re-discovered the fun of getting really engaged with the narrator and the book.  I have a very eclectic Top 5 List Of Audio Books for you. These weren’t necessarily released in 2020 but are my top listens for the year.

Pete Townshend: Who I Am

Having listened to Roger Daltrey’s autobiography last year,  I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear another ‘Who Bio” so it took me a year to download it!  I was never really a Who fan but what both books did for me, give me a perspective on an era of social history.  

Audible Pete Townshend: Who Am I
Audible Screenshot Lady In Waiting

Lady In Waiting

The biography of Lady Anne Glenconner – who was for many years Lady In Waiting to Princess Margaret.  I know you couldn’t get further from Who rock stardom!   Although it was her husband who bought Mustique – playground of the rich and famous.

Gene Eating

I’m still listening to Dr Giles Yeo’s fascinating book about how our genes influence our eating habits.  He debunks many modern diet myths with scientific and historical information.  It’s all delivered in a really easy to digest (sorry couldn’t resist) form.

Audible Screenshot Gene Eating
Audible Screenshot: Failing Forward

Failing Forward

John C Maxwell’s book is a fascinating study of how we regard failure.  How to overcome fear and look at failure as a positive.  His book is full of examples of mistakes people have made.  How those mistakes have been turned into positive learning experiences.   A really valuable 2020 read!



By James Wallman.  I started listening to this at the beginning of 2020 and gave up as the pandemic hit.  My concentration levels were shot to pieces in March. But I finished it this summer and it was a great listen about how our intoxication and obsession with stuff does little to make us happier. 

Audible Screenshot: Stuffocation

Podcasts My 2020 Top Recommendations

In 2020 I spent a lot of time listening to podcasts.  When we’re stressed it’s hard to concentrate for long periods of time.  Podcasts were an ideal listen when I was out walking the dogs in the first lockdown.   Like my choice of audio books, my selection is quite eclectic.  While these are my top 5 you can see a bigger selection here


Do A Day

Bryan Falchuk, in his own words, finds some of the most inspirational people who have been through hard times.  They’ve overcome some real challenges and have rebuilt their lives. 

The podcast finally ended on 8 December, but with 128 episodes, there’s lots of great stuff to listen to.


Do A Day Podcast Cover
Women Over 50 A Life Redesigned

Women Over 50 – A Life Redesigned

Shelly Drymon hosts a fabulous podcast with a lot of self-help and self-awareness topics covered by Shelly herself.  A range of guests who talk about various subjects that will interest her female audience.  She tackles some difficult subjects and shares some real vulnerabilities.

Wardrobe Crisis 

Always in my top 5!  Clare Press, author and Vogue Australia Sustainability editor hosts this fabulous podcast.  It was on Clare’s podcast that I first heard Mostafiz Uddin.  Talking about the plight of the Bangladeshi factories being treated so badly by UK retailers in April 2020.  It was this podcast that spurred me into action and got me writing to my local MP.

Wardrobe Crisis Podcast Screenshot
The Society Of Professional Wedding Vendors

The Society Of Professional Wedding Vendors

Donna Eade is an inspiration!  She started her business and her podcast this year.  Let’s not allow a pandemic and complete crisis in the wedding industry deter someone as determined as Donna.  

 Determined to set the bar high and create a professional association for those servicing the wedding industry.    Nothing was going to stop Donna launching her business. 

Content 10X

Whenever I listen to Amy Woods common sense approach to repurposing content I’m inspired!  Amy tackles content repurposing in bite sized morsels that you can easily start applying to your business today.  This is a MUST LISTEN for everyone who creates content.

Content 10X Podcast Screenshot

I would love to know some of your top listens for 2020 with some great ideas for the year ahead.   Please feel free to pop your suggestions in the comments below.