Carol Hanson

Personal Image Consultant

Inspiring women who have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear


Working with me

I’m Carol Hanson, personal image consultant to women over 40, who want to feel awesome and get the best from the clothes they have in their wardrobe. I offer in-person services in Hertfordshire as well as online styling services wherever you’re based in the UK (or further afield!). Understand how to better style yourself through my image, colour and wardrobe consultations. In 2014 I started to do some research about body confidence. What I read shocked me in terms of how so many women do not feel good about their bodies.

As someone who had suffered from extremely low self-esteem for a number of years, I was determined to do what I could to help other women. My passion turned to working with women who want to look good and feel confident whenever they get dressed.

You believe in quality over quantity. You would prefer to put a ‘new outfit’ together from your existing wardrobe than keep buying additional clothes that you simply don’t need. You are aware of buying ‘new’ all the time, and would rather reuse something that’s unique rather than follow the latest trends. 

If that sounds like you and you’d like to chat to a personal image consultant, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Virtual Colour & Styling Sessions

Online Colour Analysis

Want to learn which colours truly compliment your skin tone and make your eyes stand out? I can analyse your colours wherever you are based with my online colour analysis. I work from photos that you send me and then present the results as part of our virtual consultation. Read More

Virtual Stylist

Enjoy all the benefits of an in-person style consultation from the comfort of your sofa, wherever you are based. From a pre-consultation questionnaire and some photos I will prepare for our consultation. During our consultation I will show you what clothes and accessories will maximise your confidence every time you get dressed. Read More


At Home Consultations

Personal Colour Analysis

Have you ever noticed that some clothes make your eyes sparkle and your skin look fabulous? But others leave you looking tired and unwell. It’s all to do with the colour of your clothes. Wear the right colours to complement your skin tone and you will radiate a healthy glow. The wrong colours can make you look tired and unwell. Read More

Style Consultation

When you wear clothes that flatter your shape and make you feel like a million dollars it’s massively empowering. Understanding what styles work for your shape, scale and proportion is liberating. It makes shopping so much easier. You avoid those costly mistakes that never feel quite right if you do decide to wear them. Read More

Wardrobe Stylist

How often do you stare at a wardrobe full of clothes, truly believing you have nothing to wear? You feel overwhelmed. You want to try something different but where do you start? You’re in a rush, so just grab an outfit you know works, resolving to do something about your wardrobe next weekend! Sound familiar? Read More

VIP Styling Package

My VIP styling package will give you all the tools you need to create a wardrobe you love. You will learn the best way to dress to flatter your body shape in colours that make you look radiant. We will create outfits you’d frankly never considered from clothes you already have. You will be able to shop and choose clothes with confidence. Read More

"Since getting rid of six bags of clothes, years of memories, beliefs I had and the best giggle I’ve had in ages, Carol has helped me to be free. Free to choose, free to feel happy in my clothes, free to fly! Thank you so much for your sensitive wisdom."


"What I love about Carol is how she puts clothes together. Her style is understated but always present. I thought I would like some of that for myself so asked her to do a style consultation. I highly recommend a session with Carol it’s both illuminating and fun."


"I have a much more exciting wardrobe now, as a result of working with Carol, and I know I can rely on her to help me dress in perfect style, no matter what the occasion. "


"This experience is so personal that I knew I needed the right person to take me through it. Carol is that person. Carol is knowledgeable, compassionate, confident, professional, caring, experienced, and fun to work with."


"Carol is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about colour, and what style of clothes suit different shapes, but, she helped me define my image – how I want to look and what this says about me."



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